Deal Check: 2022 EQS 450+ Loaner: $600/m + 2.5k DAS

I have not signed it as I am trying to push for more. Here is the current deal:

2022 EQS 450+
MSRP: $108xxx
Selling Price (all inclusive incentives): $78xxx
Monthly: $600
DAS: $2.5k

Can’t get the calculator to match but this is close enough:

This is a loaner with 4k miles on it. Car is in not in my area, so I have yet to take delivery. Trying to figure out how much more I can push.
Dealer isn’t giving the breakdown of selling price + incentives, but I feel like Im pretty close enough, not sure how much more to push.


  1. Considering a 7.5k miles lease. The over-mileage penalty is cheaper than getting a 12k lease. Also, it lowers the monthly payment so MSDs due would be less. Am I correct?
  2. For current owners of EQS, how does the autonomous system work? I test drove yesterday, I felt fine but not as good as GMs or Fords cruise systems.
  3. How aggressive is the regen braking? During my test drives, I constantly had to put my foot on the brake. Even at traffic lights, I have to keep the foot on the brake to prevent the car from creeping forward. Is there not true one-pedal drive?
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I currently have an offer for 27.5% off MSRP with incentives on a new '23 SUV, and I don’t qualify for conquest, would be close to 29% if I did.

My understanding is the SUV numbers are worse, so I think ~28% off MSRP with incentives on a loaner is probably a little low? But I would check the “SIGNED” loaner deals to confirm and then calculate their average % off MSRP to get a number.


Really? I have not been able to get anywhere as close to that. The only place that even did 26% had 2k in non-removable add-ons and MF mark-up, making it worth less

Yes, really! Will share all details once I’m able to close, hopefully tomorrow, but my general advice is to just keep trying, and make sure you’re developing positive relationships with sales people along the way. Be respectful of their time but indicate you are a serious buyer and they will be happy to work with you if and when they can.

FWIW you got a better offer on a Sedan than I ever did (that’s where I started before my wife decided she preferred the SUV) so you’re doing something right!

I would jump on this if I were you. I think the best deal I have seen posted for the SUV is 16% off MSRP.

If I were in your shoes, this would be my approach:

  1. Figure out what incentives you qualify for apart from the $7,500 lease cash. If you have either Costco or Penfed, make sure the dealer accepts it.
  2. If the dealer is not willing to sharing a breakdown of the numbers, make them an offer (monthly + due at signing).
  3. You can always push for more, but if the numbers are close enough put a deposit down on the car before someone else snags this deal.
  1. I have, they aren’t accepted Penfed, and I dont have fleet. So I am stuck with dealer cash.
  2. My salesman is a green pea. Has no idea and his manager has been on the days off last 2-3 days. He can’t give breakdowns because he doesn’t understand anything. (he doesnt know what MF means, or what incentives means what). I tried changing the salesman but no dice so far.
  3. I asking for another 2% off and I’ll sign

Edit: status TBD, will message everyone.


BTW, I updated your title to reflect the model year and correct DAS. Is this a sedan or SUV?

Sedan. 2022 SUV does not exist, AFAIK

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I don’t want to hijack OP’s post, but needed to confirm one last thing. So just to clarify, is your current deal/offer at 18% off MSRP before rebates, and 27.5% off (including dealer discount and rebates)?

That’s right

Thanks for the heads up about what’s possible currently in LA.


Pass it on to me if you don’t sign please

$100 for the lead…

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