Deal Check: 2022 BMW X3 M40i

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Hey everyone!

I have two deals and want to ask if I should take either one or potentially get a better discount. I am not leasing since there arent any lease incentives for the 2022 BMW X3 M40i and need to finance/purchase to get the $2000 penfed rebate.

The first deal is out of state (Wisconsin) 7.5% off MSRP before incentives or rebates but needs to pay 500 broker fee and $1000-1500 delivery fee, no dealer add ons, $600 doc fee, 5% sales tax

The second deal is in the state (North Carolina) 6% off MSRP before incentives or rebates, no broker fee, no delivery fee, non-negotiable $600 dealer add on (tints, PDI, detail, door edge guard, nitrogen), $699 doc fee, 4.75% sales tax

MSRP for my build is around 66k

I honestly was not expecting any discount in my state of North Carolina due to the chip shortage and was about to pull the trigger with the broker until I got an email from a sales manager near me. Do you think it’s worth it to avoid a huge delivery fee and go for the lower % discount? Or should I research more and see if I can get more discount? (I’m not sure about the current market)

Also, Penfed $2000 rebate is not stackable with a $1000 BMW college grad right? Since BMW college grad is required to finance with BMWFS and then the Penfed decreases to $500 so $2000 > $1500.

If there are any other incentives or rebates I’m missing that I may qualify for, please let me know as well!

Thank you all in advance.

I would take the local deal if both deals are around the same net cost. Pull the trigger before someone else takes it.

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Sales tax is based on your registration address, so it’ll be the same in either case.

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@seokjin Is this replacing the gle 53??

Haha nope keeping the GLE 53 and this is for my brother. Thanks for your advice I am leaning towards the local deal as well to save some headache and just eat the $600 add on fee

oh yes you are correct, I havent gotten to that part yet with the out of state deal

Pricing wise, these seem like a wash.

Family driving in style :sunglasses:

How is this even a question? Have you done the simple math comparing the 2 deals?

I did, I think I made a mistake in my calculation. For some reason, when I calculated the out-of-state deal was better by $1300 but I just recalculated and it seems like both are very similar. Sorry about that

Penfed is only $500 for leasing. It should stack with the college grad rebate and any BMW lease cash.

EDIT: Just saw your comment that you do not plan to lease but finance.

Did the %rule not offer guidance as to which is the better deal?

Also by the way sales tax is going to be your sales tax rate not where the dealer is located.