Deal check - 2021 XC90 T6 R-Design 7 pass (Calc Link & Dealer sheet)

Vehicle: 2021 XC90 T6 R Design - 7 pass
LOCATION: Pennsylvania
MSRP: 71,825 Selling Price: 63,330 (11.83% off INCLUDES $4800 in rebates)
MSD: MAX 10 ($9,000)
Edmunds Info: Residual 58% MF 0.00135 - Rebates $1800

I need some help working this deal and your thoughts and advice please. This is for my personal vehicle. The dealer seems to want to reduce the MSRP only by adding rebates. I initially asked for a 20% reduction off MSRP (as a starting point) and they came back with 5% off MSRP which seems bold considering its got 5500 miles on it and we’re halfway through 2021.

I’d like to have a deal where it works for me but I’m not asking too much. I feel like 11.83% off PRIOR to incentives applied is fair but correct me if I’m wrong. Try hard not to bend me over in the comments if I’m way off base there. Rebates are $1800 from Volvo, $1500 bc it’s a loaner and $1500 from the dealer.

He flimmed and flammed about not having the ability to go that low, inventory being low, this is an owners car that hes driving right now…blah blah blah.

I appreciate you guys and I’m thanking you in advance for your experience, strength and hope.



Love the sound grandpa Simpson makes when he sees Bart “booop”

Is there a template % off for loaners right out of the gate?

First place I’d start here is by working out what pre-incentive discount target you’d have on a new one. Also be sure to verify incentives with edmunds. I’m a bit confused when you say some of the incentives are coming from the dealer (unless you’re referencing a direct to dealer incentive, such as volvo allowance).

$1800 is lease cash from Volvo - came from Edmunds and verified from dealer
$1500 is a dealer specific incentive
$1500 salesman said was taken off because “it’s a loaner car”

Hope that makes more sense and that you for the reply and the advice.

Isn’t this just another way of advertising dealer discount (which should just be pre-incentive)?

Terrible deal. Tell him to keep it and put it back into loaner circulation.

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Thanks @TheBigTuna

But why show this AND some amount of discount as well? If it was one or the other, I could see it


Respectfully: just hire a broker. See if @aronchi @Benedetto @nyclife can help for you. You are absolutely going to get taken for more than a broker fee trying to hack a demo 7p xc90 right now.


Thank you for the suggestion. You may be right and I appreciate it.

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