Deal Check: 2021 X3 x30i

Thoughts on 2021 x30i deal in NY?

MSRP 48,635
Sale price 41,400

Residual 56%
MF .00082

Monthly 450
Drive-Off 3327 (taxes and fees)

Will try to add “Drive to End Hunger” this week.

Calculator: link

Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you!

@mllcb42. Any thoughts on this post…

Almost 15% off on a new car and buy rate… ?

Looks like 9.7% pre-incentive to me, not 15%. Seems to be sitting about on the lower end of what we have seen from brokers here, but not far off.

May be worth exploring an NJ dealer so you can max MSDs.

Did I type pre-incentive?

One of the NYC area brokers is doing 12% off on X3 builds. May want to consider that and get the vehicle exactly how you want it.

how to located local brokers?