DEAL CHECK 2021 VW Atlas V6 3.6L SE w/Technology

Hi guys, i am trying to lease my first VW and i really like the Atlas

Location : California
MSRP: $42200
Selling Price: $37150
Months: 39 months
Miles/yr: 12k
Residual: 57%
MF: 0.00075
MSD: None for now
Drive off : $ 1236.74
Monthly Payment after tax: $480
Sales Tax: 10.25%

@rubbergash Can you beat this?

I’m off the next 2 days.

Better than anything I’ve been seeing. I’m looking for V6 SE W/Tech and Captains Chairs black on black. Some dealers get back to me and others go MIA as soon as I try to bet more than 3k off…

Are you in SoCal? Curious as to what dealerships you’ve been working with. Right now Norm Reeves Irvine has been the most responsive but they really don’t want to come down on price.

Please let me know in curious as well. I’m looking at the R-line

Try Capo VW or VW Garden Grove. Norm Reeves Irvine is terrible

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