Deal Check: 2021 Volvo S60 T6 Mom

Hey all. I know that I have a decent deal on a 2021 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum in the NYC area. MSRP of $45,215. $350/mo on a 36/7.5k. Around $3500 Das for tax, title, reg + 1st mo. I know that there are some Volvo experts on here so I figured I’d ask this before I make a final decision. If it were you, would you wait? Reasons being; I have 2 months left on my S90. I know that the Costco promotion has happened in May the past couple of years, plus Memorial day deals are usually better. However, it appears that Volvo is dropping the T6 from the S60 (not even on their website any more). There’s only a few available in my area and who knows if there will be additional inventory delivered going forward. As I said, I’m hoping some Volvo experts see this and weigh in.
Appreciate any feedback. Thanks

$3500 DAS and $350 for a base T6 S60? Sounds alittle high.

Have you checked the marketplace to see what the brokers are offering? I believe they have these in the mid to high $200s with inceptions/fees and MSDs out of pocket. Shopping in NY or out of NY? FYI, you can’t do MSDs in NY.

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Convert the 3500 DAS into MSDs and you may have a better deal from an out of state dealer.

If you need the T6 then you know the answer. But I’d wait and go for T8 with Costco. Your deal is around $450/mo incl. DAS, so I don’t think it’s great.

Exactly… he’s got loyalty so he should be around $350ish with MSDs out of pocket only (with what I’m seeing in the marketplace). With the 10msds his MF is nearly nill. Roll all the taxes and fees in and voila…MSDs will come back to you at lease end.

It would be a T6 with climate package and “protection pkg” (basically rubber mats)… I know there’s no MSDs in NY. Looked at some broker sheets and the monthly is $340-355 with MSDs but before loyalty or first responder (which I qualify for). The 355 does have the premier pkg.

Looking at the broker sheets I think I’m in the same range. NY tax is 8.875. MSD is an option but I’d need a dealer that would do MSD for a car going to NY no? And then also have them willing to match the price.

Yeah you can do msd with an out of state dealer.


So does that mean you think Costco will come back next month? I’m a little skeptical since they did 3 months at the end of 2020 and it’s not like they are that heavy on inventory. Only 6 T6 within 25 miles of me, 1 T8.
I agree that this is an effective $450/mo. over the life of the lease. Does the 1% rule include that also? Or as a Volvo specialist, is that what I should be aiming for?

Appreciate the rapid responses! Thanks for the feedback so far.

This all really depends on if you want a T6 or if you can live with a T5 unless you desire to go the T8 route. From my personal experience as a T6 owner, it’s a bit too much for day-to-day city-driving (don’t get me wrong I love the addition of a supercharger) but a T5 will do just fine IMO. If you settle on the T5 then just wait till the end of the month maybe until the S90 is up.

On the other hand regarding this deal you can definitely do better.

No one knows if/when Costco will be back, but it was May - June for the last couple of years.
You must be looking at T8 Polestar and I was talking about regular T8 with MSRP at around 54k. There are 14 of them within 200 miles of NYC.
I’ll refer you to @mllcb42 regarding 1% rule :grin:

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The 1% rule doesn’t include anything. It’s a made up metric that doesn’t actually inform anything. Your best option is to forget you ever heard of it and evaluate the deal properly.


What kind of pre-incentive discounts are folks seeing for a 2021 T5 AWD?

What have you found while researching shared deals and market place listings?

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Nothing, hence the question. Thanks for the value-added reply!

Happy to help point towards people towards the information they need to be successful. You’ll find no shortage of deals in the marketplace to reference. Don’t forget, you’re not going to see substantial differences between trims, so you can pull data from more than just t5 awd units.

Go ahead and link a few of those recent deals for any S60 trim in Southern California. Heck, even Northern California would do. I must have missed them in my search.

Who said anything about being specific to Southern California? Look at the deals in the marketplace and in the shared deals to determine generally what these are going for. You don’t need to be that specific. If you find you’re unable to hit your target price in a market you can adjust, but you don’t have to just pull data from around the corner.


So you’re telling me I should be comparing pre-incentive deals in the Tri-state area to California? Please just stop replying with useless comments.