Deal Check: 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Premium


Looking for input on this lease:

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport with Premium Package 4x4, Extended Cab
MSPR: 44,453
Sale Price: 40,000
Total Taxes: (5%) 899
Total Government Fees: 34
Doc Fees: 699
Acquisition Fee: 650

No Down Payment
Residual: 36,451
MF: 0.00245

Due at Signing: 349
Monthly Lease Payment including Tax,Tag, Fees: 349

I’ve never leased before, but from my research on this site, this seems like a decent deal. My credit is top tier and this is a local dealer so no travel/shipping, which is a plus with COVID. I’m feeling a bit miffed by this dealer because they quoted me $300/month on this lease yesterday, but screwed up the terms (added in a 3K down payment when I asked for 0 down).

That’s a Maine deal?

Very strong for this market

Consider MSDs as well

Consider MSD and running the numbers for 24 months. Strong discount!

Lease was through Ally, so no MSDS. The numbers through Toyota were horrible for some reason (I could never get them to work right) was being quoted $450/m with same terms 36m/10k. And the dealer had no clue about MSDS.

went with the deal. thanks for the input. Ended at $342/m including tax/tags, with only 1st month due at signing. Plus brought my trade in to Carmax and got 2k more than toyota was offering.

The 10% off msrp alone is really nice. Curious how you negotiated this. Did you deal directly with Ally and then take that to your local Toyota dealer? If so its something new to me.

Some dealerships are set up to offer leases through non-captive banks (Ally, US Bank, local credit unions, etc.)