DEAL CHECK: 2021 Toyota Highlander L FWD


Put in a lot of legwork this weekend, emails, phone calls, dealer visits ect.

This is what I have right now:

36 months / 12,000 miles

MSRP 35,985
Selling Price 33,127
Tag fees 280
Acquisition 650
MF .00179
RV 69%

Monthly Payment before tax $335

First payment due at signing.

Is this a good deal?

Why would you put in hours of legwork going to dealers, getting pricing, etc before knowing what a good deal was and what you were targeting price wise?

Typical questions here for evaluating price… have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives? Are there incentives being rolled into that selling price? How does the pre-incentive discount compare to comparable deals and broker listings here?

Is this through Toyota financial? If so, does it include GAP? If so, have you priced gap through your insurance/other sources instead?

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Did you ask @RockyStadiumToyota?

Pretty sure you could get an XLE for a little bit more and it would be well worth it.

hi @thedeal shoot me a message I have my deals in my thread but I can be less than that on an L with an MSRP of 37068, your base payment is a handful of dollars less then an LE

@milcb42 I went to the dealer to mainly test drive. I was looking at other vehicle brands as well. While I was there I tried negotiating numbers based on the research I had already done.

I have confirmed MF/R/ incentives (there are none) on edmunds lease forum.

PM’d Rocky, but I have a trade, so probably won’t work.

Just thought of something, are port installed options included in the residual value?

I’d always recommend separating those activities. Even if you’ve done a ton of research, sitting in the box at the dealer is an environment designed to put you at a disadvantage. Why try to negotiate based off of memory on the dealer’s home court when you could do it from home, where everything is in writing, in your underwear?

Personally, I go a step further. There’s no need for back and forth at all. Put together an offer and make the dealer an offer. Tell them “this is the price I want, if you can do it, I’ll be there in an hour to sign.”

Typically, if it’s on the window sticker (which port installed options are vs dealer installed), it is residualized. There are some exceptions where some brands have a maximum residualized value and some times when dealer options can be included, but they are the exception to the rule.

That may explain why the lease payment on my Honda came in lower than my calculations last year.