Deal Check - 2021 Tacoma TRD Sport $425 monthly for MSRP 40k

Hi there,

Just went out from a Toyota Dealership today with an offer on the 2021 Tacoma TRD Sport lease.

Here are the details:
MSRP: 40,020
Term: 36/10k
Residual Value: 31,216
Monthly Payment: 425.49 (6% tax included)
DAS: 725.73 (includes the first-month payment)
MSD: No MSD needed

I don’t have the information like the MF available from the paperwork and the dealership said we haven’t applied incentives like the college graduate and maybe ally lease program. And putting more MSD or do one pay lease may continue to lower the effective monthly payment further.

Given this, I feel this is a decent starting offer nowadays with Tacoma? Please comment and let me know how you guys feel about this lease offer. Thank you in advance!

No one can help evaluate until we have those items you said you’re missing: money factor primarily. Why are incentives not applied? What is selling price?