Deal Check: 2021 Q60 Red Sport

Any meat left on the bone here?

MSRP: 63295
Dealer discount: 10400
Rebate: 2000
Down payment: 1000 (1st mo payment, some fees)
Govt fees: 1026
Doc fee: 500
Tax: 8.1%
Money Factor: 0.001
Residual: 54
10,000 miles per year
39 months

Dealer paying my last 2 lease payments (350x2). Includes tint and 3 oil changes.

Fill in the calc. I cannot arrive at that number with your data.

What are the gov fees 1026 USD? They should be ~400 if thats registration/title etc. make sure dealer doesn’t add your two months into the new lease.

I just sold my q50 sport. It is a fan car, and I was considering red sport, but it is so dated and given Nissan decided to kill the luxury sedans in favor of Nissan Plus I decided investing into the brand for 3 more years is meaningless.

You should be able to grab some nice bmw for that money.


Is this buy rate? What did Edmunds say?

I doubt they’re “paying” them. They’re probably rolled into the new lease, so you’re paying them + some interest.

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1026 for title and registration. My state is very high and I calculated them myself and it is correct.

I’m coming from a '18 Q50 3.0t, so trust me I’ve been bored the past 3 years. At least they added Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Not worth it, go find something else. Have you driven other cars? MSRP is highly inflated on this car

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Yeah, that is the buy rate. I’ll probably do a few MSDs to get it down more. Shooting for 1st mo payment down and 5 MSDs. Should get the payment to $595/mo.

They are using some of the 2k rebate to offset the 701 payoff, so yeah, not really paying them. I can’t trade it or sell it though because it isn’t worth the payoff amount

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No, I have not driven anything at all to be honest. Any recommendations?

I can not fathom paying $600+/mo on anything infiniti currently offers


Any other recommendations?

Literally anything. M340 perhaps


Sure, that was my first thought since M240i models are scarce. I’m kind of in a tough spot because I have 3 months left on my lease and cannot get out of it unless I do a deal with Infiniti. Trade or sell to Carvana, Carmax, etc. won’t work so I’m stuck with it until end of January and have to pay $400 to give it back.

Just for the reference, I sold my q50s with 1 key to Algo for 24k, with 22300 residual. It was paid off though. Switched to c43 and cant be happier. it is day and night vs q50. get m340, c43, 440i.

I couldn’t witness that top screen in the console any longer on q50. RS is okay but not worth that money. And again - this is dead brand.

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To be fair it does match the 1% rule so it must be pretty good, right @mllcb42?

The M340i will drive circles around the Q60 RS, and has WAY better technology. For the monthly you were quoted, you can get a much nicer BMW.

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Mine was in an accident, so I’m screwed.

Thanks for the recommendations.

Nice. I’ll try to drive one soon. Thanks.

1% rule is useless and very misleading. there are some good deals higher than 1%, there are some horrible deals lower than 1%.

This is simply too much for that car. Under 500 sign and go at most. Like someone said above - its MSRP is ridiculously inflated. so is q50 sport. They say sport is worth 50k, and hand you 10k discount. and the only reason they need Sport is to bump Red Sport even further. 2020 Sport was available in Florida for $365 First month down. Red Sport 100 bucks more for extra 100 HP, maybe 500 because of higher taxes, but 630 plus inceptions is WAY too much.

You really need to see it inside, then seat in a Beemer or MB, and then back into Q50. there should be no more question about 63msrp.


I guess I got carried away with meeting the 1% rule. I’m also getting antsy with 3 months to go. Do you think it is wise to just wait another month or 2 and start looking? I’ve also inquired about building a BMW since the lead time is around 70 days. Like I mentioned I still have 2 payments left plus disposition fee.

Is there a reason you absolutely need to start shopping 3 months out?You could put yourself down for a bmw build sure, but you have got 90 days left, and BMW builds usually don’t take that long, depending on production spots and allocations ofc.

Even worst case of it takes 70 days like you said (which I doubt it will), you still got time to go till you have to contact someone.

Honestly, just wait. M340i is one of the most well liked cars right now, even my retirement age dad likes it.

it’s 4:47 am I drank a coke energy thinking it was a normal Diet Coke, and I’m struggling so I apologize for any errors or miscommunication

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Not to sound all doom and gloom, but what if the pandemic worsens to the point where I can’t turn in my leased vehicle and BMW shuts down production? Then I’m stuck with it for months like others earlier this year. That’s really a nightmare scenario.