Deal check: 2021 Q5 55 TFSI e


Was initial looking at x3s because I couldn’t find a decent audi deal, but the 55e seems to not far off with the incentives. Audi is much better to work with in my area so there’s that was well. Thanks for any input.

Not sure how you’ll recoup the price difference of the hybrid over the course of the lease.

You’re better off getting the 2.0L 45 for less or the SQ5 for a bit more (search the forum, you’ll probably be shocked at how little the SQ5 costs over your 55e deal).

Thanks I’ll look at 45s. Compared to an x3 how do these deals look in your opinion.

With Max MSDs, you’re payment drops to $486 all in. That’s not bad IMO- although for reference in CA a $59k Q5e PP for 36/10 was $493 all in with 7.75% CA sales tax.

yeah cali audi deals are so different than what i see here in the south. annoying because the bmw service in town is pain so would love to get another audi but it seems like im def paying a premium

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