Deal check - 2021 M340ix lease


Hi all, I’m thinking about the following deal on a new BMW M340ix, I know it’s nothing stellar, but just wanted to have a sanity check to see if it’s something reasonable. Especially with current market conditions (almost no M340ix stock right now):

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M340ix
MSRP: $65,000
Selling Price: $62,400
Monthly Payment: $807
Drive-Off Amount: $5,950 MSD + $1,607 drive off
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00093
Residual: 58%
Incentives: $1500 Lease Cash
LH score: 6.8
State: VA

I know getting discounts now is tough so I’m not going to knock the 4% off, but I feel like you may be able to do better. Have you see any loaners that my work?

If you qualify for loyalty (2k) or college grad (1k) that might help too. I’d personally keep looking unless you really really want an M340ix.

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I am not sure if OP will be able to do any better at the moment.

:point_up::point_up: What they said.

More than $800 for a $65k M340i is quite pricey, even with MSDs.

Do you need a car now?


For me that’s real M car money and I happen to own an M340i. Look elsewhere or wait a few months, deal is horrible.

I know I’m nit picking here but loyalty isn’t $2k. $500 is loyalty incentive on M340i.

I would wait or look at another car, unless you really have to have an M340i xDrive right now. Historically, you’re overpaying by about $150-200, which is about $5-7k total over the course of the lease. And if you had to get out of the lease (i.e., sell, transfer, etc.), it would be extremely difficult.

Ahhhh no worries good to know, I think I was quoting it off of the standard 3 series

Thanks for the advice! Question on this to make sure I’m understanding correctly since I’m new to leasing - on the calculator above I needed to bring the discount up to 13% to get the payments to drop $175, is that what people used to be getting before inventory dropped?

It’s not necessarily just the selling price that’s translating into a higher payment. In the past, a good discount on M340i’s was 10-11%, with 12% being excellent and anything higher being exceptional. But coupled with these good discounts were higher residuals (used to be 60% last year and now its 58%), better lease credits (used to be $3k last year for lease credit and loyalty combined and now it’s only $2k), and less markups on the money factor than now.

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I hate to break it to you, but you are not getting anywhere near 13% off MSRP on a new M340i in today’s market. 10% off MSRP was attainable before inventory issues. However, it appears some dealers are selling these at MSRP now.

Did you end up taking the deal?

Yeah fully understood (unfortunately). Was just curious what people were getting when the market was more normalized. I haven’t taken the deal yet, still thinking on it. I got very lucky in my career so ~$5k over the course of three years may be worth paying instead of waiting an unknowable amount of time until things get back to normal. Appreciate all the feedback