Deal Check - 2021 Kia K5 LXS $421.26/month

Hello leasehackr

I’m a bit new to the leasing world and would love to get your thoughts on the numbers for a Kia K5 LXS.

What’s msrp? Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with edmunds?

$465/mo for a mid 20s k5 sounds really really bad to me at first glance

Will confirm with edmunds - haven’t gotten a reply yet. Is $465/mo bad given that this is a 24mth lease with 15k mi/year?

It’s hard to tell if it’s just bad or absolutely horrendous without the specifics.

In this current market, crazy prices are the norm unfortunately. In more “normal” times, you’d be out of your mind to pay nearly $500/mo for a $25k Kia. The 15k mileage is usually a matter of $15-20/mo over 12k/yr at most. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a decent car, but that’s a hefty lease payment.

Have you checked with the Kia brokers on here?

You could probably spend a good bit less and get a tlx.

I bet you could also spend a good bit less and get a k5 though.

Even in these times it’s stupid to pay that much for a kia. Unless you are desperate for a new car and in desperate need than maybe pay that but these prices are just stupid at this point. They are better trying for a car that’s double the price for a lease payment that’s 50 bucks more a month. Like a 50k TLX. Those are going for less than MSRP and if you really play it right you could have that car for just some dollars more than they are about to drop on a Kia.

I am not in CA and I pasted the offer from one of the CA brokers on this site to a local dealer in my state and the first one accepted. Need to adjust for state taxes. If in CA contact the brokers, if not try to leverage their offer to your location.

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