Deal check: 2021 GMC Acadia SLT

Is this deal doable on a 2021 GMC Acadia SLT with Preferred Package? I’m in the Midwest. Wanted to see if this a realistic expectation before I start contacting dealers.

20% off (before incentives) on any brand new vehicle doesn’t seem realistic. Did you confirm that the RV and MF in your calculator are correct?

I did not change the default MF or RV in the calculator.

Then the calculation is pretty meaningless.

Here’s an updated calculator link with updated RV, MF, and incentive I got from Edmunds:

Your wasting your time…this is not possible at all

Your numbers seem way off. Are you looking for a FWD model or AWD? That can affect the residual and money factor so you would have to ask specifically on the Edmunds forums for the trim and drivetrain you want. Also, do you have an existing vehicle in your household? You would qualify for additional incentives depending on that. Here’s a more realistic and accurate calculator for you based on a FWD SLT at 36 months, 10k, since Edmunds had those numbers readily available. I used an Indianapolis zip code for tax and incentive purposes based on your screenname. There’s $3,500 in available lease cash in that region currently, in addition to up to $2,000 more for conquest, or $1,500 for loyalty.


The assumptions you made about the model are accurate except the mileage which should be 12k.

I saw that you were looking for 12k, I just didn’t have the 12k program numbers available to me. Most likely the residual is 2% lower at 12k but I would verify that on the Edmunds forums. This will give you a general guideline for what would constitute a good, aggressive but doable deal to target in terms of a pre incentive selling price. 20% before incentives will not happen. 10% can, especially if you have a supplier discount code. There’s a good amount of lease cash on these at the moment and that calculator can be improved on if you qualify for conquest or loyalty too.

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