Deal check: 2021 BMW X5


Located in GA. After calling multiple dealer within 200mile distance, was able to get these numbers. This one has executive package, which I needed.

Initially had me at .00122 mf which I talked them down to .00082 but they reduced the discount from 10% to 9.3%.

I would appreciate your feedback as I have been getting ideas from this amazing community.

You need to tell us more about the trim level.

You need to understand the current residual and base money factor at play here.

I’m guessing this is an xDrive 40i. If so, at 10K miles, that’s 55% RV with the base .00082 MF. Now, look at your discount and separate the pre-incentive discount and then add incentives to that to see how this deal looks.

I would normally shoot for 10-12% off MSRP (12 is a push for sure) BEFORE incentives and at base MF, but I’ve heard X5 inventory is low. Not sure if that’s true so don’t quote me on it, but I would target this range.

The X5 generally isn’t a great lease like other BMWs but I do love it.

Also, ATL would be a more competitive market than Savannah. Try Nalley or Global Imports.