Deal Check - 2021 BMW X5 X40i

Custom Build
MSRP - 77,845
Sale price - 70,845
RV - 52%
MF - .00082
500 lease cash
First payment at signing

The lease agreement and initial quote are attached for reference. I live in 70065 and the dealership is in 39540. I am purchasing the tire and wheel protection for $1,368 and they are rolling the tax into the lease payments. Please let me know if this is a good deal.

Thank You

You have a lease agreement though… signed? Congrats!

Why does the agmt say $2445.86 in Cash?

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Maybe move this to shared deals

That is the first month payment + the $1,368 for the tire and wheel protection. Sorry, I should have been clearer in my initial post.

I have not signed the deal yet, so should this stay in this forum or still be moved to shared deals?

If you haven’t signed yet, this is the appropriate place.

Your pre-incentive discount looks good for being at buy rate, but man that’s a rough payment amount. Low rv and no incentivrs will do that though. Looks like the lease support isn’t coming.


Pardon any misunderstanding, but it looks like the contract shows that the protection package is being capitalized (Item M).

It looks like you are paying around ~1300 in cap reduction

In case the dealership offer isn’t clear, it looks like your discount includes the wheel and tire protection, meaning that your actual discount is only 8.35%, much less than the original sheet you showed. Base MF is good but considering the lack of incentives, I wouldn’t jump on this deal unless you absolutely love the car that you’re looking at/ is the exact spec you want.

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But it’s a very highly optioned X5 though. So it looks like it’s exactly what you want and it’s one of those pay-to-play situations… though you do have December MF.

Only thing you can do is have incentives (OL, loyalty, PenFed) or apply MSD’s.

Good luck!

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Yep. Lease contract was clearly printed before Jan programs, meaning cost will go up a tad.

Thank you to everyone for your input!

Ask for free shipping. Good luck!

It’s probably too late, but Galleria BMW is one of the marketplace dealers. At least there’s a rep that posts in there.

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