Deal Check: 2021 BMW 540i xdrive


Seeking input on this deal. The $1000 cash down will be reimbursed to me by BMWCCA member rebate. So it’s actually $0 down except fees and taxes. Would most choose to roll the acquisition into the lease or pay up front (as done here)? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Adjusted for $0 DAS, this is $821 for a 6-cylinder 5-series. That’s crazy

Please elaborate, crazy how? Thanks.

I think he means crazy good! Haha

You are getting 10% MSRP pre-rebates. It is an average deal. You could push for 11%. If dealer won’t budge, widen your search radius.

That’s not how the BMW CCA rebate works. It is a post-sale rebate and has nothing to do with the dealer. It is never recommend to put any money down on a lease. It has been discussed quite a bit.

Your calculator shows $1500 in incentives. Do you qualify for any additional incentives? Do you have Penfed or USAA? You can search for more info on this. It is too late to sign up for Penfed (since you need to be a member for at least 60 days) in order to receive a $500 discount certificate.

Also check out the Marketplace for broker deals to compare the pre-incentive discount.

Definitely not

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Still working to exude my sarcasm through posts…I guess it’s not working

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When all else fails, give it the ol’ /s

Is that ur tried and true method…that’s crazy good! Haha

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it’s not an $800 a month car. i take a 2019 around on deliveries and i don’t think it’s that good of a car, even i’m sub-500 all-in on it.

I know how BMWCCA works, I have used it before. My thought is that by paying $1k down (out of pocket) and getting reimbursed by BMWCCA rebate later, it’s a wash on the down payment. But it lowers the monthly payment by another 28 a month vs, putting the $1k rebate in my wallet. It works out to be about the same value but has an impact for 36 months this way. Using their money to lower my monthly out of pocket.

I’d like to get to 11% or even 12% off MSRP, but I am finding so many dealers not willing to budge above 6% and even padding the MF, too. I have widened the search but have also read where 10-12% disc preincentives is a good range to target.

What deals are you seeing for the 540i xdrive with msrp at about $74k?

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search the marketplace…

I’m willing to do the searching. But you’re saying this is a bad deal. The what would you say is a good deal?

thats not what i’m saying. i’m saying it’s not an $800/month car!

Bmw just isn’t offering the lease support on these currently like they used to, making it a painful value proposition.

I’m also shopping the A6 — even worse (Lower MF, 2500 incentive, but RV is 9 points lower, no maintenance included, etc). Tough time to lease in this segment I guess. :frowning:

Again, it is not a good idea to put any money.

There are brokers offering 11% off MSRP on a 540i. If you account for their fee, you might be better served negotiating with more dealers in your area.

I would counter at 11% and tell the dealer you will sign if they agree to your offer.

Answering this will help us help you. Did you confirm the available incentives on Edmunds?

Audis in general don’t lease well. Unless you are getting a huge discount and have loyalty, forget about the A6.

You can add Audicare and get a 1% bump in residual. If you are shopping luxury cars and are concerned with not getting free maintenance, then maybe you should up your budget.

Thanks. I do not qualify for any other incentives, so far as I know.

No OL ( urgently in an Audi)
No conquer (not offered by BMW currently)
No pennfed (not signed up)
No military
No college grad
No corporate (I qualify, but can’t be stacked with CCA)
Only CCA [1000] and BMW lease cash (1500]

I found my local RV, MF and incentives on edmunds.