Deal Check: 2021 BMW 540i xDrive - Thoughts/Feedback Please

2021 BMW 540i xDrive

MSRP: $73,835
Selling Price: $66,452 (10% off before rebate)
Rebate: $2,750 ($1,500 Lease Cash, $750 Corporate, $500 OL Code)
Total Selling Price: $63,702
Residual: 59%
MF (after MSDs) : 0.00058
MSDs: $5,250 (7X MSDs)
DAS: $6,493 (includes 7 MSDS)
Monthly: $702
Lease term: 36 months and 10,000 miles/year
LeaseHackr Score: 9.2

I recognize that the 10% before rebates is average to “ok” in this climate. I worked with several dealers and it appears the discount off of MSRP is not going to budge in my area and supply is limited these days. Considered out of area, however 11% through a broker does not save anything once broker fee and shipping cost is factored in unfortunately.

I do not want to chase a poor deal just because I’ve invested time into the process, so any thoughts or feedback would be helpful.

It looks like you have done your homework. Your deal definitely looks fair, as you noted certain cars just don’t have giveaways right now and this is one of them.

One thing I would do is get your monthly payment to $699.99. This will make your MSDs round to $700x7, or $4900 instead of $5250. $75 down would get you there and would reduce your MSD outlay by $350. Of course, in the end you will get back whatever you put down, but in my mind coming up with less is still better. Realistically of course, what I’m implying is that you simply tell the dealer your payment needs to be $699.99 to do the deal :slight_smile:


Try to get at least $100 more off the sales price to bring you under $700. That will save you a little in MSDs down. Do you have a PenFed account for at least 60 days? If so, that could be another $500 in rebates.

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There is one other option, which I feel like a broken record on over the past week and not everyone will agree with it, but you could tell the dealer you would like them to keep your payment the same number you agree on, but to increase the sales price discount percentage. This will allow them to mark the money factor up. It will also give you more equity in the car during the lease term in case an opportunity to exit presents itself.

Also, do you have a BMW Visa card? If not, and you can’t wait a few weeks for the card to arrive, it may not matter…but if you use the BMW visa for your MSD, you can get 4xpoints back. Not all dealers will accept a credit card for the MSDs (especially if they go over a certain amount), but many of them will.

You won’t do much better at buyrate.

It’s the programs that suck.

If you can wait and don’t mind the 2020s, you can try waiting until March or April which is when in the past BMW had some push to clear out leftovers. Ofc Covid changed things and all bets based on history are off.

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I feel like I was so so spoiled with those old programs. I mean come on, even on lower and models like the 430 coupe I have we were getting north of $7000 in rebates…and the best programs were 24 months as well, so the end result was pretty crazy.

EDIT…I’m about to landfill myself with my non sequitur comments…

But I couldn’t resist looking at my 2019 430 lease contract. The rebates were $7000, and combined with a 20 some % MSRP discount…The depreciation charge on the lease contract was $655😁.


I do have PenFed, however was advised that PenFed and Corporate will not stack together. Applying the higher one.

Yesterday a 530 loaner at

~ 20% off at buyrate +
Stacking all the rebates one could reasonably do +


Almost $500 all-in.

TLDR: The programs are pathetic rn.

Unlike the snooty maître d’ (when he greeted the sausage king of Chicago …Abe Froman) who stated he was weeping for the future, when it comes to leases I weep for the past.

OP, like others have said if you can wait until March/April for a car, I would wait till then and target a leftover 2020 540 (previous gen model). Most likely a loaner.

April is BMW’s fiscal year end and they will be looking to clear out whatever 2020 models they have left . After April ends, 2020’s can no longer be leased, so dealers will look to clear inventory. I would specifically look at 2020 loaners.

Covid messed up 2020 inventory so it will be slim pickings but if you have the time to wait, you will fair much better than getting a 2021 now. Programs outright suck, your discount at 10% is “meh” and you basically have no rebates to add into the deal.

Paying $800 a month for a 5 series is no bueno.
But it’s your cash and the invoice will go to your address monthly so only you can decide.

Good luck

It’s still the same generation (G30 platform) with a typical LCI facelift that made minor changes to bumpers, lights, etc. I doubt anyone outside BMW aficionados could tell the two apart.

Same car but different lol

I recently stood next to both of them side by side at the dealership and the 2020 already looked “tired” vs the new LCI.

I guess you gotta pay to play here…

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The only thing I think about with the new update is minor hidden tech only a nerd would want.

Apple phone as key, etc.

Yeah, some of the stuff is cool but for many folks will not be directly impact the buying decision. Even the M235 is now coming with an M card to operate the car instead of the key, cool yes, but many people probably will never use it, myself included.

I’m a leasehackr newbie so just curious: if I were to wait until March/April to get a 2020 530/540, what monthly payment including tax would be considered a good deal? Assuming a few packages but nothing super loaded

I think I’m going to do what you advise: wait until March/April to get a 2020 530/540 - what monthly payment including tax would be considered a good deal? Assuming a few packages but nothing super loaded

And what about for a loaner?


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Its tough without seeing what incentives there are. Your chances of a new 540i will be slim to nil (there’s like 15 nationwide right now). Plenty of 530i’s though.

Uhhhhhhhh this is really false. I assure you there are more than 15 new or even demo 540i in the US right now. If this isn’t true all hell has broken loose.