Deal Check: 2021 BMW 330i (x) Loaner - Midwest


Location: Midwest

MSRP: 47,105
Sales price: 39,085
RV: 25,933.45
Discount: 1500 lease cash, 500 loyalty
DAS: $473.50 - 1st month payment
They include registration for 1 year
MF: 00133 (it is marked up; currently it is .00093)
Months/miles: 36/12k
Car has ~4000 miles

Monthly: $473.20 (includes taxes)

Losing about 2% discount due to MF mark up. So roughly 17% discount before the mark up, 15% after. Even with the markup this seems really good, especially in this market

Here’s a calc I set up. Adjust accordingly Link

You might also need to adjust for the free tabs. Where’s the acq fee and doc fee on your lease sheet?

Thanks. That is a good question. They said this is all in with DAS. I’ll have to check. Odd that it is not listed?

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