Deal Check: 2021 AWD Honda Pilot Black Edition in

You really need to figure out which trim of each model that you looking at leases best, ie has the lowest MF/highest residual and most incentives. I’m not sure a $50k Pilot is the best deal out there. Browsing Edmunds is a good place to start. Might want to get some quotes on some Atlas’s, they seem to be decent this month.

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We haven’t driven a xc90 before. I was under the impression that these Volvo’s are leasing at $700 per month if putting no money down?? I’ll have to look into it more.

Maybe on a t8 inscription with all the option boxes checked, but you can get a more reasonable one for much less. Check out some of the broker posts here and you should be very pleasantly surprised.

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Google the experience of people having a dealer install a heated steering wheel and you’ll never offer this advice again.

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Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and input. I don’t really want to add an aftermarket heated steering wheel either lol. What if it acts up after the install job and it gets a really bright red color from the high heat? Ha ha. Just like a charcoal starter lol.

*I just received our updated lease offer from our local Honda dealer in Colorado

. Here goes:

So we have an update from the original Honda dealer in town. We are local so this deal in Colorado does not need shipping. This dealer dropped their fee on an accessory down to $199, instead of holding it at $888 originally.

This deal is for their 2021 Honda Pilot (AWD) “Black Edition” trim level, with the $395 pearl white premium color.

MSRP is $51,435
Discount of $6,104
Then an additional incentive of $1,000 because we own a 2018 Toyota Highlander.
36 month lease
15k miles each year
7.960% tax to our home address in Colorado.

  • The fees that this dealer has are $599 D&H, $595 acquisition fee, and a $199 accessory that can’t be removed from the new Pilot. If we lease this vehicle, what do you think about the structure given?

Here’s the calculator. I might not have the fees listed correctly. I added their $199 accessories fee to the $44,331 price in the cap cost box. Take a look here:’t%20replicate%20the%20%241%2C660.93%20drive%20off%20fee%20that%20is%20in%20the%20dealerships%20worksheet.%20%20I%20added%20their%20%24199%20accessories%20fee%20to%20the%20cap%20cost%20&monthlyTax_radio=true&dealerFee_check=false&govFee_check=false

A pilot isn’t worth $600+ /mo

No need to get worked up over this. Steering wheel is about $400 take 2-3hrs of labor to install and any decent mechanic should have no issue with it’s installation

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Unfortunately what it should be and what it usually ends up being are often very misaligned.

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At this point I’d just finance it at 0.9apr for 60 months. No way I’m paying $600 for a pilot

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We tried to lease another Highlander. The new 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum, but the best deal we could get with them whoring it to us was about $608 per mo/ 7.960% included. We are paying about $518 / mo tax included on our current 2018 Highlander Platinum right now. We were thinking earlier that it seemed odd to be paying about $100 more per month for a similar Highlander. The 2021 is not drastically different than a 2018. Just a thought. Who knows, maybe the Honda Pilot is a shit vehicle compared to the others? We are budgeting $600 max with 7.960% tax. She insisted on mid size SUV in AWD, decent 3rd row space, a heated steering wheel, rear DVD entertainment. So I’m trying to accomplish the wish list. (The 2020 Acura MDX leases pretty well right now, but the 3rd row area was too small for our family to ride in it at the same time)

I’d suggest ditching the dvd entertainment requirement in lieu of some headrest tablet mounts. Open up your option set.

I still think you could make an xc90 work


Ironic that in this twisted world or cars, a navigator costs more than a pilot. But almost everyone would say in the real world a pilot is so much more valuable than a navigator. No wonder the Germans go with numbers instead of names.

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Can anyone replicate that last offer in the calculator? I cant seem to get it. OP have you reached out to other Toyota dealers? Have you considered different trim levels with higher RVs? I would also suggest ditching the rear entertainment for tablets. I have a Pilot, though not a Black Edition I couldn’t imagine paying $600 for one. They also have an issue with crackling/popping coming from the speakers. I believe they’re replacing the harness or something but I’ve heard it once more since they replaced it. So just another reason i’d pass on the rear entertainment. I would also suggest an XC90 or a demo XT6.

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Thank you for this idea. It’s a big payment! This is over our budget, but the rate is good. We rarely keep a vehicle for longer than 36 months tho.

This is the closest I can get too. I can’t replicate the dealership quote sheet either??

You’re double counting the incentive.

Do you know how much registration fees are? I seem to recall hearing they’re a lot in colorado.

Their numbers match up just fine if we manually plug in their sales tax column, I’m just not sure where it’s coming from

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I found our country registration fee estimator online. I hope it’s accurate lol.

How should we put this into our calculator?

My guess is that the sales tax value they’re calling out is actually for gov fees, since they’re not actually otherwise listed, as I was under the impression that CO normally applies sales tax to the lease payment. In that case, it’d go in the gov fees section of the calculator like I did.

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Tax is monthly, some counties collect it upfront, his does not. Plates are completely separate and yes expensive, 2% of some magical average msrp for that vehicle. So north of a grand for a $50k pilot.

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Thanks for helping us everyone. I really appreciate you going through the effort in calculating these fuzzy fees and what their $1,660.00 “drive-off” fee really means.

We received some good news from the other dealers in our state. Each one tried more and more, but today they each said that they cannot beat this offer we just posted here. Is that a good thing?? Lol