Deal Check 2021 Audi Q5 Prestige Lease

Is this a good deal?

I have not signed this deal yet. If you know some brokers in Chicago area, please share with me.
Thank you!

You tell us.

What incentives do you qualify for, and what incentives are included in the selling price?

What is base MF, and how does that compare with what the dealer quoted you?

What is your target deal based on your research here of past deals and broker listings?


I think all the information you asked listed in the calculator. The overall 13.5% off includes 10% off MSRP + 2000 rebate.

Seems like the MF is significantly marked up. Check the Edmunds forum for the buy rate. On a P+, it is .00034; it may be the same or slightly more on for a Prestige. If anything, you can ask for the buy rate, which would cut down your payments even more.

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It’s difficult to tell. Did you verify rv/mf/incentives with Edmunds? Are you in chicago proper or just the general area? The fees area of your calculator is set to defaults and missing the correct information and if you’re in chicago itself, the taxes are way off.

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Thanks for your information and help. I am living the great Chicago area (not the city). I have checked the Edmunds about RV~56%. But i am not sure what the range of MF in my area.

Thank you so much for the information.

You need to separate the incentives from the selling price in your calculator.

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Thanks. Updated!

You need to find out exactly.

You’ll want to go to the edmunds model specific lease thread and post asking for rv/mf/incentives for your zip code

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