Deal Check: 2021 Audi Q5 e Prem+

2021 Audi Q5 e (plug-in hybrid) Premium Plus
Los Angeles, CA
Lease Terms: 36 months/12,000 miles
MSRP: $61285
Negotiated Selling Price: $54785
Federal Tax Credit: $6500
RV: 52%
MF: .00177 (quoted by dealer)
No down payment

Monthly Payment (tax incl): $740.00

I have no clue what the cash down payment of $1896 covers exactly. Can someone help me make more sense of this. What is typically considered a good discount for this? According to edmunds forums the RV looks accurate. We walked out of the dealer after negotiating this for a couple hours. Dealer kept trying to spin a federal incentive of $6500 as them doing us a favor by giving us that discount…


you left out some important detail: monthly payment (including tax), MF.

You are right! I was intending to attach the image and totally forgot! Updated.

What about the Money Factor (MF)? I would ask to remove the Door Edge= $395

Dealer is saying .00177 included it toward the bottom of my list sorry!

What does Edmunds say about the buy rate MF and regional incentives? Is there Season of Audi incentive? Have you talked to @Samaudibh?

If not, he has aggressive deals.

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This is what I am seeing on edmunds, but I just asked specific to my zip code.

Q5e - .00130 and 52%; $6712 lease cash

I have not spoke with anyone yet.

Nick, since your new here- typical etiquette if you want help. We are not here to do your work- there are plenty of posts for you to learn to utilize the tools at your disposal. The LH Calculator is the 1st thing you should learn to utilize. It will help you going forward to understand all the variables in leasing and how it effects your monthly.

Is there any dealer marketing allowance? Is there Season of Audi? (I’m pretty sure there is).

So once you gather all that info- follow the homepage on how to utilize the LH calculator. This will be better use of everyone’s time- not only for this deal, but also for all your future deals.

It will make it so that more members will be willing to comment.

Nick . Call me in the morning and I will amaze you


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Thanks for the feedback calbear. I Appreciate it. They did not mention anything regarding dealer marketing allowance or Season of Audi. I played around with the calculator a bunch. One of the difficult things to understand is some of the verbiage on the form they presented us that I attached. Things like Acquisition Fee, Dealer Fee, Government Fees, etc. are not mentioned and so translating it over to the calculator I guess on some of them. Also, would a $6500 federal tax credit that the dealer applies at purchase be an untaxed incentive?

I will continue reading around a bit more, but you have been very helpful and raised some good questions that I should I ask.

If this dealer is not being transparent just move on.