Deal Check: 2021 Audi E-tron Sportback

2021 Audi etron Sportback
MSRP $72,515
Sales Price - $67,770 (dealer discount)
Down - $4000
Residual - 51%
Monthly - $546.18 + tax
MF - .00069
MSD: 9 (new MF - .00024)
Mileage: 36 / 10K

I’m actually in no huge hurry, (I have a few months on current lease) but wanted to capitalize on End of Year event, assuming best deals would be available now?

What are the thoughts on this deal? Decent? Or should I hold out and keep negotiating with another dealer?

Any sense of how significantly prices will increase after Jan 4?

Thanks so much for your insights!

Have you confirmed on edmunds the MF? Also the 4,000 down payment is a no no, it is effectively wiping away all of your discount. Do you qualify for any incentives like season of audi?

It’s been discussed on another thread. It’s a little bit of a fallacy to chase a year end deal when you don’t need a car.

No one knows what next months program look like. A few months will cost you thousands of dollars unless you can sell your current lease. You know last summers crazy e trim deals right?

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@dloco - Thanks!
I’m not finding the MF on Edmunds. Can you direct me to it?
How does the down payment “wipe away” my discount?
(I preferred the optics of keeping my payment BELOW $600/mo, but I’m more interested in making a smart deal, so interested to understand your logic)
I believe the incentive is wrapped in here, but it’s not been spelled out clearly.

@sharksfan15 - I’ve actually already turned in my BMW (long story!) so I’m out those payments anyway. It saved me money in the long run. I don’t know about last summers crazy e trim deals apart from the Costco incentives. Is that what you mean? But in terms of timing, history doesn’t show that “end of year” December sales are any more aggressive than Feb/March (for example) deals?

Thanks for helping out a newbie!

This is way too much money for a base model (Premium trim).

Audi threw a ton of money at the end of the last model year (summer/early fall). Costco was just a part of it. Big marketing allowance. Big lease cash. + Loyalty etc etc.

There is a reason no one leases an etron without that support.

Your payment is below 600 but with 4000 DAS. You should search here and find out how low the e trim went last summer. No guarantee it will come back of course. There are also few brokers in SoCal here that can help you. They post aggressive deals. I saw one 399 with 3k drive off.

It wipes away your discount because you are effectively paying money down to lower your monthly payment so its virtually the same as you paying invoice price with 0 discount or your discount with 4k downpayment. It ends up being the same

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here…

Discount and down payment are unrelated, unless you’re looking at monthly in a complete vacuum… But why would anyone do that?

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Was just making a very straightforward comment without taking any other factors in as the OP was talking about wanting to put downpayment to lower the monthly payment purely for optics reasons. Obviously maybe other factors come into play and it is incorrect to only look at it this way but hopefully the comparison resonates with him as based on his comments, he does not understand the mechanics of a lease fully.

I played around with some current numbers surrounding local tax, rough incentive estimates (because you didn’t post pre-incentive vs post-incentive pricing), and the numbers you used to get to $540 pre tax

Are you giving them $11k DAS?


Just from memory a broker posted 68k e tron for 399 plus 3k drive off. I would think that’s a reference deal for now. You’ll have to find it but it shouldn’t be hard. Good luck!

@sharksfan15 - Thanks for that reference. Since all of the massive incentives seemed to have dried up, I wasn’t finding a “current” reference deal. This is very helpful!

@dloco - Appreciate the reframe on the thinking surrounding downpayment and on the link to the Edmunds forum.

@max_g - That’s exactly what I (dreaded!) but needed to hear. I’m not sure if the dealer is being stingy on lease cash or if it’s just not being offered as freely any longer? Or if I’m just a horrible lease negotiator!!??

@Ursula12 - Good point about pre-incentive vs post-incentive pricing. They haven’t been entirely transparent on that point and spelled it out as such, but based on what I can tell:

Sale Price Pre-incentive: $67,770
Dealer Incentives: $7927 (Deduced based on advertised cap reduction of 11,927 minus my $4K down)

DAS is (was going to be) $9999.99. ($4000 down // $5999 MDS refundable)

Sorry for all of the rookie questions!! I’m trying here!! :))
Thanks again for the amazing insights from this wonderful community!
Grateful for all the learnings from all of you, before I make a lousy deal!

Can’t hurt to brush up on your skills by reading the articles on LH and negotiations threads on the forum, but the main $$$$ is out of both your and the dealer’s hands, as it came straight from Audi.

In the summer/early fall you could get with very little negotiation

Audi’s partnership with Costco 10% off plus:

  • Marketing allowance of 7-11k depending on region IIRC
  • 7.5k lease cash.
  • 2k loyalty when it existed.

Why are you deducing incentives? You should be verifying them long before ever talking to a dealer so there’s no confusion.