Deal Check: 2020 XC90

Hi there - I have a deal on the table and wondering if I should bite. Im located in NYC

2020 XC90 T5 Mom (Heated seats, 20in wheels, protection package)

MSRP $55,005
Selling Price $46,923
36 months / 7500 miles
MF .00169
Residual 66%

DAS $3,561
Monthly $439

Should I bite? :grimacing:

What is the pre-incentive selling price? Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with edmunds? Why such a high DAS? Is this from a NY dealer, or out of the area to allow for MSDs?


pre-incentive selling price $46,923
Checked Edmunds and said this is a “good lease”
Not sure why its so high. most places i looked were around the $3k range ($2500 are just taxes and fees)
Ny dealer

No, check the edmunds forum to get the accurate rv/mf/incentives for your zip code. Ignore the rest of the stuff on their site.

Also, $46923 is not your pre-incentive selling price or your monthly would be much lower. It may be your post-incentive selling price.

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Also, the taxes and fees should not be over $3,000, and you also put “+ tax” after the monthly. That’s not right, especially if you’re paying the tax up front.

I’ve posted the formula for NY tax here several times. The fees should be: $925 acq., $75 doc., and about $265 for a new registration vs. less for transferring your plates. At most, it’s more than $1,275 for all the fees. The tax, even at 8.875% for NYC , is not $2,400, especially if there is only about $15,000 of depreciation.

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You are correct. The tax is paid up front.

This is the calculation of the deal:

Volvo’s website is showing at least $1000 volvo allowance on that. What is the $500 incentive you’re showing on your calculator?

The $500 was November Volvo incentive of paying first months payment

Gotcha. In that case, they’re rolling the $1000 volvo allowance (still confirm with edmunds that this is all that there is) into the discount. If $1000 is the correct number, that puts you at about 13% pre-incentive discount, which isn’t too bad at all assuming base mf. You’ll need to confirm mf to see if they’re making up some of that discount on the backend.

Here is the deal :point_up_2:

Been checking Edmunds and it looks like $1k is the correct number. Dealer wants to move the car today. Not sure if December deals will be sweeter for it…

If the mf checks out to be buy rate, it’s a pretty solid deal.

No way of knowing what December numbers will be until they show up. He may be trying to hit a volume bonus which is why the aggressive discount.

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