Deal Check: 2020 XC90 T5 FWD

Working a deal with a So-Cal dealer.

2020 XC90 T5 FWD

MSRP: $53705
Selling price pre incentive: $48705
Incentives: $2250 ($1750 + $500 Labor Day)
RV: 58%
MF: .001

Drive off: $1380
Monthly: $531 + tax. ($580 inc CA tax)

I’d like to be at $500 with tax, but the dealer isn’t budging. Do you think that’s possible with a broker? If so, who do you recommend that works in So-Cal?

Leasehackr Calc

You have 2 levers you can pull to get your monthly payment down:

  1. MSDs. Max them out if you have liquid cash you can tie-up for 3 years.
  2. Negotiate a deeper (and reasonably aggressive) pre-incentive discount. If you play with your calculator and increase your pre-incentive discount you will see that a +14.X% (without any MSDs) is needed to get to your target.

Is your $500 with tax target realistic?

Adding a 3rd - lower MSRP car.

We would prefer to not do any MSDs if possible.

Do you think 14% off pre incentive is unreasonable since the 2021’s are coming in and this is a 2020?

Have you considered a demo?

Under normal market conditions where dealers are chasing volume discounts 14% is a big number. Today’s market favors the dealer. Have you searched Volvo XC 90/60/40 deals on here and seen any new deals close to 14%?

I saw someone with a get 16.6% off msrp including incentives but it was a demo.

I’ve seen some really attractive volvo broker deals but they don’t ship to CA. Benedetto has a T5 XC90 with $1500 drive off that is $439 + tax (no MSD) with a higher MSRP of $58K but it’s a demo. On a new XC90, he’s doing $1500 drive off and $485 + tax and it has a higher MSRP than my deal at $56k.

@AutoLeaseNinjas Reach out.

I have a T5 S90. That engine in the XC90 is simply under-powered (it is in the S90 and the XC90 is a few hundred lbs heavier). Keep eye out for a T6 if you want the XC90.


Thanks for the recommendation. I reached out to them over the weekend and I’m currently waiting for a quote. I saw that they had great reviews so I am looking forward to what deal they can put together for me.

Factor in $500 for BonusDrive (if you go with new instead of demo) to take $14 off your effective monthly!

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Are your MF and RV correct in your calculator. Did you verify them with Edmunds?

Funny you ask. I actually asked for the actual MF and RV from the edmunds forum. Edmunds moderator told me it was .00067 and 56% for a 2020 XC90 T5 FWD or AWD.

But the internet sales manager I was working with said they were wrong and that he’s using .001 and 58%.

I have a 2019 XC90 T6 and my wife has a 2020 XC90 T5. I “needed” the T6 with 316 hp but to be 100% honest when driving around town, hitting stoplights, kids in the back etc, I barely notice the difference in the engines. Even highway merging, the T6 is clearly better but not as much as I would have expected for the price difference. Driving both cars for about a year now interchangeably, I would be fine with a T5. This coming from the guy who had to have the bigger engine and trust me I am a car guy. I was shocked how close the engines are in real life day to day driving.


wow you must really like the XC90 to have 2 of them.

I’ve had 7 Volvos since 2006. 3rd XC90 since the 2016 redesign. (2016/2019/2020) So yeah I like the XC90! I mean it checks all the boxes that I need and when you compare it to rivals the price is better. I came from a GLS. The Volvo is 20k less and very similar equipped.

Yes. Not going to happen on a non-demo, especially right now

I ended up with new 2020 XC90 AWD.

I was able to get 11.8% off pre incentive on a XC90 T5 AWD with msrp of $55,455. The only incentive at the time was the $1750 lease cash. I didn’t have loyality.

The final deal was $1600 DAS, no msds, $501 + tax a month. 36/10k.


This is exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks so much!!!

I am curious: given the current condition, what would be the realistic pre-incentive discount to ask for a 2021 XC90 Recharge?

I know certain car simply have no discount, like the very popular GLE 450 (dealers selling at MSRP and sometimes include unnecessary packages/option)

did you end up using autolease ninjas?

Hi - who’d you end up using to get this deal? thanks