Deal Check: 2020 XC60 T5 Inscription AWD

I have two Volvo deals on my table, and am wondering if I could do better.
I’ve originally looked at Evoque but it is insanely not possible to get a good deal in PA due to Covid19.

Both are XC60 T5 Inscription AWD (New - Black exterior/Amber interior), 36 months/10k miles with only first month + DMV/Dealer fees (<$500) + 10 MSDs when signing. Acquisition fee capped in total lease.

Deal #1
MSRP: 52655
Selling Price: 44385
Residual value: 60%
Money Factor after 10 MSDs: 0.00063
Monthly payment w/ PA tax (9%): $471

Deal #2
MSRP: 55445
Selling Price: 47146
Monthly payment w/ PA tax (9%): $509

Any help or tips are appreciated!

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What is the sales price on both before all the incentives/lease cash/allowances?

Is that buy rate MF?

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I am not sure what the sales price on both before all the incentives etc.
No Costco auto program but yes to medical incentive that Volvo is currently running.
I am not sure if that’s the buy rate MF.

It is, after MSDs. The MF for the T5 inscription AWD is 0.00113.

You should find the answer to those questions out so you can evaluate these deals properly.

First step is always to get rv/MF/incentive information from Edmunds.

Give the fishing pole, not the fish. :wink:

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Or give the bait. :slightly_smiling_face:

What pre-incentive discount on Volvos should we be aiming for in this time of covid? More than normal?

No. It’s actually a bit harder to get as much as previously generally.

Well… I haven’t signed (and of course I am still thinking about the new designed Evoque) but I reached out to a few other Volvo dealers to see if they can beat this deal, but most tapped out saying they cannot match or beat.

Still… thinking… lol

Rather than reach out to dealers, you should start by figuring out what the deal you have in front of you actually is (well, you should have figured out what a target deal was before you ever got that far).

You’ll want to do the same thing with an evoque as well. Then you can use that info to make a decision. Right now, you’re just swinging in the dark.

Thanks for the info. Yes, you’re correct. I believe this Volvo deal isn’t too bad, but I still want the Evoque. I just wish I had Costco membership to sweeten this deal even further.

Have you determined what the pre-incentive discount is and if that’s at buy rate to determine if the volvo deal is a good deal?

Yes, I did. Dealer only applied $750 lease bonus, and $2000 first responder incentive, and rest was all dealer discount.

MF is .00063 after 10 MSDs.

These don’t seem horrible given the minimal down payment and the high tax rate but certainly Costco would help.


I am going to sign the deal tomorrow. Please let me know if I could do better!
Calculator is below.

T5 Inscription w/ Advanced package, 20 inch wheels, floormats etc = $55420
Selling Price: $44724 (19.3% off - Costco $1250, Medical $2000)
Monthly payment: $432 (9% tax included)
Only First month payment, and some dealer fees, and 10 MSDs when signing


I believe Costco and Medical should be under taxable incentives, not taken out of sales price.

When you substract Volvo lease cash it will be around 13.5 % off pre-incentives. I think good deal but definitely not unicorn. Good job. Enjoy new ride.

Also do not forget about $500 bonus drive

Ahhh thank you! I am not sure what this bonus drive is, but looks legit!