Deal Check 2020 X3M in South Florida


Need a deal check from the Hackers. Looking to do a deal on a 2020 X3M (non-competition). The MSRP on the car is $80,545. Dealer is discounting the car $7,549, plus including the rebate/incentives of $5,000. Total cap cost is $67,996. I get a monthly payment of $829 tax in (using the .00118 MF and 57% RV). Waiting for the dealer to update the offer with those numbers before negotiating further. Is this a good deal? This is South Florida I am dealing with. This is the link to my calculator results.

Discount % is a bit lower than what you could probably manage from some of the brokers, however, you’d have to factor in broker fees/shipping. Probably a wash unless you found someone local.

The chances that the dealer is giving you buy rate MF, unless you have that in writing already, however is about 0%

TLDR: Discount is slightly low if that’s at buy rate. If they’re not giving you buy rate, there’s a decent amount of room for improvement.

Thanks. When you say “buy rate” you are referring to the .00118 MF BMWFS is currently advertising for top tier credit, correct? The MF they initially quoted was marked up to .00138. I called them out on it and the SA said they would make the adjustment (all in email). I asked for it in an offer sheet (we will see). In terms of discount, If they are giving me the MF of .00118, how much more room do you think is there? Thanks agin for the assistance!

Correct. Florida dealers love their marked up MFs.

There are plenty of brokers on here advertising 11-12% on pretty much any BMW. If you were able to get the same, you’re probably $1000 high. Florida dealers aren’t known for being the most aggressive though, so it may be hard to get the same. You’ll easily eat up $1000 by using an out of state broker though.

Thanks! Much appreciated. I think if I can get them to comedown another $1K I’ll pull the trigger.

Tell them that.

“If you can do this price, I’ll be in in an hour to take delivery”

Btw they might feel disrespected if you refer to them as SA (service advisors in BMW parlance).

They refer to themselves as CA

You should talk to @Bacons_C.C

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