Deal check - 2020 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription 7-seater

Hi, still a newbie here and learning the ways of the lease. I’m in the market for the XC90 and I got this deal from Volvo San Jose, CA.

This was the closest I could get on matching the dealer’s details to the calculator (

Below is the details sent by the dealer.

Appreciate all your help!

San Diego? For anyone looking at this, they include msds as cash down in any deal.

That’s right. The MSD is included as cash down. So no real downpayment. This isn’t San Diego. It’s San Jose.

MSDs aside, it’s still $1560.

Your calculator is missing the acquisition fee. You need to out that back.

Why are the gov fees so high in your calculator?

What incentives are you including here?

Looks like someone is brokering without a license or forum subscription :face_with_monocle:

The govt fees includes “Fees and Insurance” @ $807.50 and “Tag/Registration” @ $634. I rounded it to $1400 for simplicity. There are no acquisition fees broken out. In the screenshot I posted you’ll see the dealer zeroing it.

I did struggle to match the screenshot details to the calculator. So, it was hard to figure out where I could be negotiating and for how much lower.

Appreciate the look in and audit of the deal!

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The acquisition fee will be there, they’re just not showing it because the breakdown is for upfront costs. It’ll be capitalized instead.

I believe the $634 is included in the $807.50 number, it’s just itemized in the 2nd sheet.

That’s possible, which could explain why I can’t get my calculator to back into the dealer’s quote.

Regardless, is this a good quote?

What are the incentives that are being separated off here?

Tony with Culver City Volvo is great, very honest guy reach out to him.

The OP is in NorCal