Deal Check: 2020 Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum

Is this a good deal?

$1,280 drive away. $629 per month.

56,505 MSRP
65% Residual
.00169 MF
36 Mos/10,000 miles
No MSD’s


You need more info (selling price before incentives, incentives, fees charged, etc) to properly evaluate…

but even without know those, the answer is no.

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I don’t even know what the car is :slight_smile:

Sorry XC90

Lol all good

Check broker listings

Granted these deals are all changing Monday w new programs

But with $2500 @ signing you’re around 450 + Tax on this car

@ 1280 you should be closer to 525 w tax

Long and short, you can do about $3500 better, especially if you go to sign today.

Dont know what Mondays programs will bring but if they remain the same, that would be a positive.

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To put things in prospective, I got a 2020 t5 momentum, $58k, 15k miles with wear and tear for $640 month with $0 down in Florida. I could have saved a bit without wear and tear - about $620. I signed the deal 2 days ago. So a base model T5 for lower miles should be $550/mon range easy. I had A-plan elite - so I had about $10k off all included.

Unfortunately, if you used a plan, you over paid by a lot

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Not sure about Volvo, but I know Mazda, GM and BMW are running through Monday, so Volvo may be too.

Yep! New volvo programs are out Monday as far as I know

With all incentives, rebates, I got 18% off a new model. I don’t think thats overpaying at all.

A plan limits your pre-incentive discount to a number that is easy to negotiate past. You can get more without it.