Deal Check: 2020 VOLVO XC60 T8 R-design

I am looking for midsize SUV and prefer to have PHEV so I can get the clean air sticker for California and federal rebate.

Got this number from dealership
MSRP 65190
Discount 8956 (i guess this include $3000 lease allowance)
Rebate 6669 (federal EV+costco)
Price 49565

Cash due 3000
Monthly payment 658 (with 9.25% tax rate)

MF and RV from VOLVO is 0.0009 and 47% for 36/12k

Basically prior allowance and rebate the price is about 9% off.

I roughly match the number with calculator

Is there any space to push this deal? Also personally I more prefer Audi Q5 e but the deal is not good now (at least $50 more/month for $60XXX), should I wait?

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How much is the lease allowance?

$3000 lease allowance

Wondering if there is any suggestion for the deal?

Discount is good but not great. I’d try for a bit more. MSDs will help bring it down further. Do the mf/rv/incentives check out with edmunds?

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I think you’re in for an uphill battle any way you look at it with that residual %…

The residual value for hybrid car is generally not good (Audi 51% Volvo 47%). So I guess there is not a lot of options available for me if I want hybrid one

Agreed. If you look around at some higher optioned xc60 broker deals, you’re probably around 8k higher for the T8 at $27k for the lease. Guess you’ll have to decide if that sticker is worth that much for 3 years?

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