Deal check 2020 Volvo XC40 T4 inscription loaner NYC address

5700 miles on loaner i know is high.
MSRP: 42195
Sale Price: 31,400
Aquisition: 1,595
Rebates: 0. Don’t currently own a car
Tax: 795
Dealer Fees: 500
Govt: 400

MF: 0003
MSD: 5 brings MF to .00005
RV: 50.577
Term 36/7.5k miles

Monthly: $282

Drive-Off: $3,211

  • First Month Payment: $282
  • Down Payment: $0
  • Upfront Fees: $1,895
  • Upfront Taxes: $1,034

Current vehicle isn’t the only incentive that usually applies. You’ll want to determine how much volvo allowance/lease cash is being included in that sales price.

Also, $1595 acquisition fee is way high. Can you confirm that?

You should also include the DAS amount here… There’s a huge difference between $282/mo and $282/mo with ~$4000 DAS as your calculator shows

Had acquisition entered incorrectly. Should be 995

Drive-Off: $3,211

  • First Month Payment: $282
  • Down Payment: $0
  • Upfront Fees: $1,895
  • Upfront Taxes: $1,034

Don’t really know how to get DAS much lower as taxes are gonna be what they are gonna be in NY and NJ dealer fees aren’t capped and pretty standard at 500

updated calculator:

Dealer discount probably includes incentives, loaner cash, etc.

Did you check Edmunds for MF/RES/Incent.?

Not sure if this applies to loaners but checked edmunds today and got:
.00088 MF and 60% residual.

No promotions listed.

2020 Volvo XC40 Lease Bonus Dealer Cash
Expires: 3/1/21

That’s T5, you did not specify your Trim. I’ll let you do your homework if I have the trim wrong.

Looks like a pretty good deal tbh

t4 is the trim. Thought I included that sorry

not at 42,195, it isnt. it’s a t4.

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Did you post and ask on the forum or did you just look around on their site?


looking for RV/MF/Incentives for a 2020 Volvo XC40 AWD T5 inscription in 07036, 36/7.5 term.

.00088 MF and 60% residual


but that’s not a t5 inscription…


@aronchi is correct. T4 inscription. Needed to get correct info.

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