Deal check: 2020 V60CC T5 $443 and XC60 T6 $577 with 9.5% tax

Just got two offer from local dealer.
Not sure if there still room to pushing further, and I haven’t done enough research on xc60.
Initially I was interested in V60CC but the dealer don’t have the color I preferred. But if the price is great I will take it.
For the V60CC, MSRP $50050, price after all discounts( including 4750 incentive and $6000ish dealer discount) $39219.
$1130 cash due $443 per month. money factor 0.00054 residual 54%
Then I noticed they have a xc60t6 with the color I want. With following quote.
MSRP $55955, Price after $9518 savings $46437. I’m not sure about the current incentives, MF or residuals.
$1311 cash due and $577 per month
I reverse engineered with calculator. Seems like the same residual and MF.
Not sure which one to proceed or is there any other option?

Did you check programs with edmunds?

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Haven’t got back from edmunds yet.

Search there for the same model. MF/RV are national. Incentives are on Volvo site in payment estimator.