Deal Check: 2020 Tundra TRD Sport

Let’s compare. A few baseline assumptions… Let’s assume that the incentives are the same for buying and leasing and let’s assume that the residual value is accurate for the value at the end of 2 years.

Total purchase price after fees is 42687. Add in sales tax and your OTD purchase price is $45995. With 0.9% for 60 months, you would pay $18822 over 24 months for a balance of $27845. Sell for the RV of $39611 gives $11766 in equity. Total 2 year cost is $7056.

2 year lease cost is $6191.

So for an extra $1000 out of pocket, you can tie up an extra $10k+ in money by buying it.


Toyota Jesus, :joy:

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This is a very interesting view however I feel like it’s almost a little counter intuitive to do that, no?

If he’s definitely gonna sell it at the end of the 24 months, he would have spent $1,000 more by financing it versus leasing. Yes he will have the equity at the end of it (maybe) but that’s basically just going to counteract the fact that he just spent almost $19,000 for the first two years of having it versus the $6,000 and change he would have spent if he leased it.

Not to mention there would be a lot more risk associated with financing it versus leasing it.

FYI; I like your math…BUT, these RV’s are inflated for some reason.

One condition, business conditions change.

If you wanted to sell your Tundra today a dealer will only pay you 80% due to coronavirus.

If you leased and wanted to turn it in today, you walk away.

Is $1,000 (or 2.17% of a trucks value) worth the risk?


True, but the inflated residuals just make it work out even more in your favor to lease.

Currently, you’d be paying an extra $1000 to take on the risk. It saves you $1000 to not take the risk.

That’s the whole point. Leaseit2020 was saying financing was cheap, so it may be worth it to buy vs to lease. The math shows that, at least in this case, leasing the vehicle is about 15% cheaper, is lower risk, and has a way better cash flow if you hold the vehicle for the same period.

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oh okay gotcha I didn’t see his comment.

I thought you were pitching it as if it was going to be beneficial to finance it :joy:

but yeah the residuals on these are literally insane.

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Toyota Jesus…hahahaha. That may be my all time favorite comment.