Deal Check: 2020 Traverse 1LT Cloth

Hello all,
My current lease matures on Jan 8th and is paid up. So I started working on securing a lease on a Chevy Traverse 1LT through phone/email and received what appears to be close to a good deal for my zip (01602) but wanted to run it by the forum for review. Now supposedly the dealer is agreeing to my request for 9% off MSRP before incentives but the payment they put forth comes in a bit higher than the calculated figures. Here are the details:

MSRP: $41,215
Selling Price: $37,506 (9%)
MF: .00141
RV: 61%
36/mo 10k/Yr
Incentives: $2,250 ($750 manufacturer & $1,500 GM Lease Loyalty)

With these numbers the payment should be about $411/mo but they are telling me they are at $429/mo despite confirming the RV & MF are what I listed above. They also noted drive-offs (DAS) totaling $1,624 but the calculator came in at $1,235, so I have another discrepancy there of about $400.

So my questions are: 1) Does this look close to a fair deal on this vehicle?
2) Where could the discrepancies on the payment and drive-offs potentially be hidden?
3) I’ve noticed 3 different dealers have given me 3 different numbers on the Lease Loyalty incentive ($1,000, $1,500, and $2,000), is it normal for this to be different for each dealer or are some moving the money around for profit?

Appreciate any feedback.