Deal Check - 2020 Tacoma 4DR 2WD 36/12k $299 Month $298 Down Zero Drive-Off

Been reading the forum for a while and decided to try and take the plunge myself.

Disclaimer; I have already reached out directly to @Jrouleau426 and although he didn’t have exactly what I was looking for he was very friendly and helpful. From everything I’ve read on here seems like a very competent broker.

I decided to do some digging around locally and reached out to several regional dealerships via e-mail and also began the negotiation ‘tactics’ with several to see what and where I would be should I go at this sans a broker. Wow, there really are some characters in the auto sales industry. Even with the current Pandemic I got loads of “Come on in and let’s talk about it” or “the terms might get better if were face to face”. I politely declined all of those offers and stuck to my guns on e-mail only until we can reach an agreement on price and lease terms.

Fast forward through the muck and mire and this is the best offer I have on the table right now. It appears it’s somewhat difficult to break the 10% off MSRP with Tacomas, at least in my limited experience.

I have written confirmation that it’s zero drive off.
I’m curious how they are making it work on their end - I can’t seem to make the calculator match up - or if they are going to try something nefarious when I arrange to come in and pick up?

Please let me know know if I missed anything glaring. I’d appreciate some feedback.
Calculator link below.


I just got some cement sr5s available if needed!

I’ll be around 285 for this but 24 months so you don’t need brakes and tires. Also it’ll be 4x4 and $4000 more msrp

Ahhh man… @Jrouleau426 why do you tempt me so. :wink:

It’s not a horrible deal though right?
No msds and only 1st month drive off.
I’ll down shift, drive the speed limit and toss some sandbags in the back if it snows. :wink:

It is a bad deal. No 4x4 msrp is low and it’s 36 instead of 24 months. $3800 less msrp also. Does it even have the black wheels?

Well…damn, I thought it was a decent swing.

Yeah, it’s got the black wheels.