Deal Check: 2020 Subaru Forester Sport Lease

Hi, we have this finalized quote from dealer. Please share your thoughts!

Model: 2020 Subaru Forester Sport
with Package Option 24 and Popular Package #2

MSRP - 33,055
Selling Price (with Costco rate) - 30,239
Discount - 2,816
10k/36month Lease with excellent credit
Drive-offs - $2000
Monthly payment comes to $349
zip code - 55108


I don’t tend to reply to these too often. But without diving deeply into the numbers, I got quoted the same~5$ without much fighting, or even hunting and that was 0 down and the rest the same.

But then again there’s a shortage on these, so I’m shocked they are still even discounting these, even if it’s a 2020.

Quick glance take seems like the usual, with the only red flag being the 2k. Again not much reason for them to give more off as they will sell it anyway and soon.

Pricing before discount is heavily dependent on your local market. Might have another 500-1000 off selling price.

Stack with a Ambassador Coupon or Loyalty Coupon if you have loyalty.

Thanks! The 2k drive offs include the first month payment, doc fee, acquisition fee, license/tax etc. I was told the 2k covers all that but I haven’t seen the paper yet.
This model definitely seems to be a demanding one at the moment. We did shop two different dealerships and they are just out of the particular model not to mention the color we want.

All the programs changed today, so it may be worth checking the residual and MF on all the trims to see if one is leasing better than the other.

Yes we have asked the same dealer in last week and yesterday he gave this finalized (updated quote) to us which is lower than $377 that quoted in August. Still no incentives this month but the MF appears to bring the monthly payment? Not quite sure.