Deal check - 2020 RR Evoque SE 36m/12k


I’m in 78731. Dealer is in 71105.
The 5K in cap reduction costs is supposed to represent Texas tax.

I’m a little confused on how it works across states.

32,000 to rent an Evoque for three years.


Pretty much. Maybe I’m not good at this. Not getting any good deals. :expressionless:

I am not one of the experts or hackers here, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, and at first look it seems like a horrible deal. I leased an Evoque recently with the same MSRP and paid $519/mo inclusive of taxes with less money down in FL. My advice to you, since you admit to maybe not being good at this, is to use a broker. I did and was very happy with the results.


Might have to book a stay at the Holiday Inn myself. Lol. Thanks for your input. Maybe I should leave it to the pros and go with brokers too :slightly_smiling_face: