Deal Check: 2020 Rogue SL Premium


I am working a deal in Georgia on a 2020 SL Rogue premium. MF .00045 and Residual 55%. No lease support that I am aware of. I can’t seem get anyone below $399 despite the fact that this seems like a terrible price.

Here is the calculator that I believe is a fair deal, not even a good deal. Any thoughts?

Calculator is below.

35840 MSRP
30814 Sales price
.00005 MF
55% RV
$450 in lease support.
7% GA tax

$375 per month. For 36/12 only first month payment due at signing.

That’s a lot of money for a Rogue. Anything else you’re considering?

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Sadly, wife needs all the bells and whistles. Tried to get into a 2019 Q50 but no CarPlay or Nav unless you move up several packages. Also looked at a Tiguan SEL, best deal I could get was 1 pay at 14,000 and I had a friends and family deal. Rogue had more features and was $500 less.

Can you list what bells & whistles your wife needs? Otherwise it’s impossible for anyone to suggest anything else. Personally I hate the Rogue so I’m inclined to think you can find a better car for the money

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That is indeed a terrible price on a terrible car.


Go for CX-5, would be cheaper and its much better car…

We drove everything in the class. Wife didn’t like the CX-5. I have an Atlas and tried to push her to a Tiguan. No dice.

Crv? Passport?

CRV was too small. Passport is $1200 MSRP and doesn’t have beige leather or around-view monitor. Two things she wanted.

I appreciate the alternative vehicle suggestions, however a Rogue SL is what she wanted. I was mostly looking to see if the deal I worked was A good deal considering the inputs. Not compared to alternative vehicles. But it’s signed now and we took delivery so I guess it’s moot.

Post the full details in case it helps anyone else.

In same boat. Looking at a SV with premium package to get 360• camera but not able to land any deal below 350 monthly

Surely there are better cars that have 360 degree cameras?

Let’s see some pics. I might be in the minority, but I like the Rogue. Holds a special place in my heart as my first lease was a 2008 Rogue SL AWD.

Tuscon limited and up has that. But again it will be north of 27k

Can we expect better lease deals on a 2020 rogue towards the end of December.

No way to know, although incentive changes are often monthly, not mid month.

Sometimes auto companies release extra incentives mid month