Deal Check - 2020 Nissan Leaf SV w/ weather pkg $119 month with 600DAS

Hi guys!

I’m in PNW area and this was the original deal with MSRP of $37964.00. After applying VPP (Vehicle Purchasing Program through my company), it got down to $119 month with 600 DAS.


I’m asking for 119 with 0 DAS, but dealer is not even buzzing…

Do you guys see any room to work on? or should I just take it?

Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked for any state specific EV rebates? Where I live the state has a $2500 rebate, and from what I’ve read in the Edmunds forum that should be in addition to the $11,375.

What’s your preincentive discount?

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I’ll leave it to @joeblogs to pick apart the financials (we need the pre/post incentive discount to be educated), for now I’ll play dumb:

You are going to pay $3456 to drive a $35000 EV for 2 years (the best 2 years of its life), and you asked them to come down from that another 17%? I probably would not have even replied to your email.

I would get closer to the numbers than you are, it sounds like you’re just guessing.


For what I know, Gross Cap is discounted price of the car + acquisition + other fee (tax, doc, reg fee, and etc) so, I believe the pre-incentive discount is 37964-34037 = $3927, which is about 10.3%

If they add on 600 on top of this, it would be $4527, which is about 11.9% discount.

I didn’t specify the pre-incentive price because I thought it was pretty easy to calculate with the chart above, but I apologize for not specifying it.

Thanks for help!

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I’d say this sounds like a good price already considering PNW.

For WA afaik the dealer gets the sales tax rebate on leases and so likely already factored that into your monthly payments.

And, it’s a 24-month lease you’re talking about, not 36-month, dealers usually would be willing to discount further (in terms of reduced MF) if you’re willing to sign a 36-month lease.

If Nissan allows lease transfers, I’d suggest you explore 36m/12k even if you can’t commit for 3 years.
Assuming that lowers the monthly payment by $20, to $100 a month, this is a good price and you would likely find a taker for the 3rd year at $100 a month (assuming) - win-win for both you and the next buyer.
Edit: looked at your MF, I don’t think 36m might reduce it any more since it already looks to be low. NVM.

Anyway, I’m assuming you’d have decided by now considering it is the last day of competing rebates (01/04) - let us know how it went!

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This is a good deal for the PNW. The only state specific incentives are a sales tax exemption which is already applied here.

I’d take it…

Edit: I see this original post is a week old…let us know how this shook out.

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I ended with both tech and weather pkgs with 130/month with 0 DAS.


Congratulations on your new car! Considering the package and that it’s a 24 month lease (best years for an EV), it’s a great deal IMO!

You pay an equivalent of $2990 over a period of 24 months, right?

All weather package is a great choice for PNW.

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Thanks! Yes I’m paying 130 for 23month so it would be 2990 over 24 month! Which is totally ok for me.