Deal Check: 2020 Mini Countryman


Looking for opinions on the deal below. I feel like I can do better since the car is a loaner and the 2021s will be coming out in the next couple months. I’m new to this though and looking to see how others react to the numbers below!

MINI Countryman S All4 Iconic trim
loaner w/1700 miles
MSRP: $43,705
Sale Price: $38,431
MF: .00107
RV: 61%
DAS (taxes + fees only): $2,607
Monthly payment (includes dealer fees): $393

They are paying my first month’s payment.

Running into the same issues you are, my wife wants a “green mini” and so far the best offer I have gotten is 10% off msrp on a loaner and that’s “the best they can do”. Looks like yours is a touch better at 12% off. Both seem a bit low compared to other BMW loaner deals but Mini doesnt seem to discount quite the same.

Minis don’t lease well, they are more niche and lower volume than BMW and are priced accordingly. I don’t remember seeing a Countryman loaner deal before but have a search to try and benchmark.

If you’re looking for a better deal the X1 and X2 share the same platform and will often be cheaper. I like Minis, but an effective payment of $470p/m on a loaner model for only 7500 miles per year is not good value.

I did notice you’re missing the incentives, are you sure there are none? The dealer might be baking them into the discount and thus your discount is not really 12%. Also double check the MF if not already on the Edmunds forums.

I think the current situation is bad for buying or leasing a car right this moment. However, MINIs in my experience lease well and loaners still get factory support like BMWs.

I leased a 2018 Clubman S Loaner and did about 18% prior to incentives. MSRP was about $41500 and it came in at $302/mo on a 24/10k lease with zero $ drive off.

I did have to fight for it and this was in the Bay Area with 4 MINI dealers in the area, however this was from the lowest volume dealer.

I miss that car and was very pleased with the deal.

I’ve seen a lot of great CA MINI deals listed by dealers/brokers on this site over the past few years.

I also noted Countryman E leased quite well in the past with green rebates. I know I saw some loaded out going for high $200’s in the past.

You’re right about the volume being low particularly for the color combo and options I’m looking for. Definitely doesn’t help my cause! I checked with 2 other dealers and couldn’t do any better on pricing. I checked the MF on Edmunds and the dealer didn’t inflate it. There is $2k customer cash back right now but that’s baked into the final price as you suggested. My actual discount off the sticker price is closer to 9.25% pre incentive. I guess the one benefit to them doing it that way is that I’m getting taxed slightly less.

Now that’s the deal I wanted, ha! Is 18% off MSRP generally what I should go for on a loaner? Any tips for negotiating down the price on them besides discounting a certain amount per mile driven on the car?

Try looking for a loaner that is also the phev. My wife is leasing a 2019 countryman S awd phev for $334 per month and $900 at signing. Ended up getting another 4k rebate off for being partial electric.