Deal Check: 2020 Mercedes GLC300 Loaner

Please let me decide between the following two deals:
Both are 2020 GLC300 AWD with around 2,500 demo miles. #1 is much better equipped

Deal 1:
50,400 msrp 16% discount, 57% residual and .00062 mf
2,800 DOA + Max MSDs (taxes upfront, fees, first months)
Comes out to $410/month

Deal 2:
46,000 msrp 14% discount, 57% residual and .00062 mf
2,000 DOA + max msds (taxes upfront, fees, first months)
Comes out to $395/month

Looks like deal 1 is much better since the car is $5k more and only 36 months vs 48. Any advice? Are they good deals anyway? Do you think I can do better?

This one…

The mileage seems low? 7500?

Are there incetives rolled into those sales prices? Is that buy rate MF?

I don’t drive much and always leased 7,500
$500 incentive for the glc for this month

Why does the first deal include an additional 800 DAS? Either way, deal 1 looks like the way to go. 48 months is just too long for a lease!

it’s not msds, its out of pocket. The MSDs are 3,600 on top

Post a LH calculator link

the actual number is $390/month but due to my remaining lease payments it jumps to almost $410

Do you think I can do any better?
btw looks like the $500 incentive is rolled into the sale price

When I tried negotiating for a little lower MSRP GLC 300 at the end of 2018 best I could get was around $500/month w/ taxes and everything rolled in. I don’t think Deal 1 is bad, but you may as well shop it around more. It’s essentially $487 a month (before or after tax?) when you roll in the fees due at signing, so not bad on a 50k car. check other recent GLC offers on the forum.