Deal Check: 2020 Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe

Hey all! My current Acura TLX lease is ending next month and I have been eyeing up the MB C-Class Coupe for some time now. I have gotten numbers but wanted to double check to see how this deal is. Here is the info:

2020 Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe 4MATIC
MSRP: $54675
Sales Price: $48975
36 months - 10,000 miles per year
Residual: 54%
No MSD MF: .00073
MSD MF: .00052
Upfront Payment: $4528 (2428 inception fees and 2100 as MSD would receive that back at end)
Monthly payment: $645/mo
[Philadelphia Region - 19123]

Lease Calculator is showing different figures, about $30 a month less and a score of 7.1?


It’s a pretty bad lease program. Kinda a non-starter, since no amount of negotiating is gonna make this reasonable. Maybe if you found a loaner and could reach 20% off but even still, a BMW 4 series coupe can be found for half that monthly. Don’t get me wrong I have a C43 but I didn’t buy it because it was a good deal.

New MBs don’t lease the best but even at that this really isn’t any good for a C300. You can do better. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one, just know you have to pay to play… just not this much.

What’s the breakdown on the inception fee? Let’s see if we can make this deal better for you unless you’re open to another brand.

Can you do max MSDs, around $7k?
Did you check Edmunds for any incentives?

That’s a horrific deal…

RODO is the same monthly without the DAS

Search and you’ll find people have gotten these for a lot less

Still keep plugging RODO in every thread? Their offers are not the actual deals until you sign, so enough. Feel free to share the actual deal you got from them though.


His numbers may not be great, but they’re very similar to RODO’s, who you seem to be plugging. His stickers for $3k more, take away the MSD’s, and the payment is the same. The down payment difference is 50 bucks/ month, but that’s about what the higher sticker on his is worth, and it’s 36 instead of your 48 months. It’s virtually the same deal minus the 1 percent residual for mileage.

TBH that’s a terrible way to compare leases.

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I just wanted to give an update. I decided on going a different route for my next lease. I was given a better deal at a Mercedes dealership from a GM I was referred to but it still wasn’t something I wanted to jump on. I believe it was $2428 down (no MSD) at $645 per month; so saving about $2100 that would of been locked up for 3 years. I asked if there was anything left since we work for the same dealership group but he mentioned that was all it for the Coupe. If it was a Sedan, he would of blew those numbers out of the park. Thanks all for the help!

If you’re talking to me max g, please explain what’s wrong. Admittedly, I didn’t use a calculator, just a general look over and head calc. How far am I off?

If you only see numbers on a computer screen, then understanding there are different ways to use them can be a problem for some.

How do you know how far you’re off until you do the math?

You’re not “saving” anything… if anything you’re wasting money by not using MSD (unless you can’t spare it).

The only reason I even posted, which I rarely do, is someone trying to sell something with the word horrific. Someone who doesn’t know better, just believes that. Ok, the msd’s save $16, that makes the payment the same if you forego msd’s, like I said. The delta between down payments is $49. The $3k higher sticker at 54 residual is $45, that’s 4 bucks. The 1 percent in mileage is 16 bucks, which he doesn’t need anyway, apparently. So there 20 bucks apart, I wouldn’t call that horrific, oh, and we all know 36 is usually better than 48. Yes, I get that it is $720 over the lease life, and there’s probably a buck or two somewhere, but I stand by my original post. Luckily it’s lunch time so I could look at it closer.

You don’t even know how much of the variability comes from taxes and DMV fees

My point was/ is that you can certainly compare leases the way I did, that’s all, it’s just numbers. The different term lengths can muddle it a little. Not trying to be argumentative, I may want your help some day.

Even this new deal is pretty bad. If you’re happy paying it, by all means. For reference, I recently negotiated a new c300 coupe, 54k MSRP, for $500/month (tax inclusive), first month DAS. It was a ‘19, but dealers are way more motivated to move them now. The equipment packages are nearly identical so why pay more, and there is still a fair amount in inventory last time I checked :man_shrugging:t2: And I also got a deal done on a 65k c43 coupe for $599/month (tax inclusive), first DAS. Still less than your deal, though this one was a unicorn. Bottom line is always finding a dealer that needs to a move a car. Obviously creates a more favorable situation to achieve these #’s

Could have gotten a C300 cabriolet for $299 before the guy changed his mind

Maybe make him an offer he can’t refuse