Deal Check 2020 M340I

10K/36Months lease
$0 down. Sign and drive $599/Month.
Blue M340I.
Residual 58%
What do y’all think

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Would like to share the MF, dealer discount, incentives you qualify for?

What state is this?

I believe the MF is .00114 and the state is Texas.
6500 Dealer discount and 4500 Rebates (less credit, OL, loyalty and Grad)

That seems pretty good with the sales tax hit in Texas!

Don’t have all the facts but for Texas looks like a good deal.

Your calculator should look similar to this according to the numbers you are giving.

Are the incentives untaxed in Texas @IAC? You always mark them untaxed in your thread.

Looks pretty decent for todays market.

Glad we were able to help you figure out a deal by guiding the way with some quotes on cars we offered you.

Texas incentives are untaxed.


The shade…


This is going to be interesting…


Texas has been a bloodbath for buyers for the most part since June so it’s somewhat refreshing to see dealers start making an effort to be competitive again.

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Sounds like he owes you guys some.

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