Deal Check: 2020 M340i xDrive - $650/month (after tax), $0 drive off, 15k miles


Speaking with a dealer about a service loaner M340. Has about 4k miles on it, asked for a true 0 down sign and drive. It’s in another state but I have no problem going to get it.

I qualify for USAA and Conquest, no loyalty. But I’m headed to a BMW event this weekend where I’ll get an OL code for an extra $1000 off. The car has Driver Assistance and Premium Package.

The numbers I get in the LH calculator are higher than what I see from his end, trying to understand why -

Here’s the BMW sheet showing 15k vs 12k miles

How does this look? From my understanding, 14.3% discount on this car right now is pretty good, given the limited inventory, but I feel like there might be some more room in this deal.


I’d like to be at $600/month (or lower) after the OL code and ~$20/month more off (~$700 additional discount required). Do you think that’s doable?

Additional capped items? Add ons? :thinking::thinking:

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The worksheet shows 56% RV for both 15k and 12k, so you’ll wanna make sure that’s calculated right. Get rid of the add-on items. Not sure what that’s about. Seems like your goal of <$600 could be achievable with the OL, though I’m not sure what motivation they’d have to discount it any more.

I asked about both of these things when I got the quote. The add-ons is their doc fee. Asked about the 56% residual for 12k miles (as it should be 58%) and he said it’s adjusted correctly in the Adj. Residual field (58% minus the loaner mile reduction in residual).

I know inventory is slim, is 14.3% good? Can I push for a bit more?

If this is a PA dealer not it’s not. 389 is max if they are in PA.

Edit: My reading comprehension is terrible, NJ, MD, or OH?

It’s an out of state car

Thanks, Hershey, but yes, out of state.

Hmm interesting. Doesn’t hurt to push for more, but the dealer doesn’t have to oblige. Inventory is slim and sales are down, so I’m not sure that they’d flex for you. Maybe if you wait til end of month.

$500 from BMW, and an optional $500 dealer contribution. If the dealer has given a large discount, u may end up with only the $500 from bmw

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Thanks for pointing that out!

Any more thoughts? Want to close this out today.

Also, I was able to get a claim certificate for BMW Corporate Sales through my job. Looks like it’s $2k off in addition to anything else I can work.

Fleet should be slightly better without loyalty but it won’t be an additional 2k off.

It’s worth 2k but right, I forgot you have to drop conquest with it.

You also forgo CCA rebate if you’re a member.

That’s reimbursable after the fact right? Or is that included in the deal? I can sign up for it before I lease

It is after the fact and you have to be a member for 6 months before taking delivery.

For the most part I’ve seen, corporate matches loyalty very closely.

OL and Usaa don’t stack either, so it would drop it to $750 if dealer provides the $500 extra, or just $250.

Talked to the dealer, they’ll give me $1000 for OL, brought it to $619. Asked if he could make it an even $600, he said sure.

I then told him about the Corporate Sales certificate and he said they don’t get many of those, so he has to check on it, but if that’s good for an extra thousand ($2000 minus conquest since they can’t stack), I’d be around $570 which I’m happy with.

He didn’t say anything about OL and USAA/PenFed not stacking but we’ll see. Waiting for a price with the certificate and then signing.