Deal Check: 2020 Lexus NX Hybrid

Hi all, first time poster from the Bay Area:)

MSRP: 47450
Selling Price: 42450
Lexus Lease Cash: 3000
MF .0002
36 months 10k/year
2500 DAS (including 1 msd)
55% residual (I think that’s a low estimate and I could potentially benefit $ from a sale at the end)
Edit: tax is 9.25%

How we feelin? I can’t decide!!

Can you put this stuff on a calculator? Too money money for this car but I don’t know if you can do much better. Discount is decent, maybe you can squeeze in another 1-2% but thats about it.

Also, have you confirmed that the max Lexus incentives you can apply? No college grad etc?

Ya, no loyalty or anything else. You think it’s too much $$? Like subjectively, or it’s not a good deal period?

Some cars aren’t the best leases. I feel this fits in that category. If your heart is set on it, then fine, get it, but I’d roll that DAS into monthly.
Have you talked to one of the Lexus brokers on this forum? Not sure if their pricing is going to be better.

Effective $485/m isn’t bad (or great) for a $47iK MSRP car. However, Im sure you can find better or larger SUVs for the same money.

The majority of the due at signing is acquisition, registration, msd, and registration, $80 doc etc. I think the “down payment” comes out to like $400 or something :man_shrugging:t2:Does that change the equation at all?

Money factor marked up.

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I am also looking for lexus NX hybrid but in Seattle area. I am new here and have read all the preliminary docs suggested. I wanted to know how should I go about getting a good deal on it. Shall I check with brokers available here?

I plugged it into the Lh calculator and it seemed to work at .0001 I thought that was a decent mf? I feel like I’ve done as much research as I know how to do at this point and I could use some help. Edit: .0001 after 1 msd

First step in this process is always to verify RV/mf/incentives with Edmunds by posting their in the model specific thread and asking for the numbers for your zip. Then you can compare the mf the dealer is charging to see if it’s marked up or not.

Head go seatac and hop on a plane. Seattle is a rough place to try to lease.

If they are giving you .00020 before MSDs your MF is marked up.

Buy rate on this car is so low you can’t even put a MSD.

Oh ok! Good to know, thank you!

how about I lease it from other state and get it transferred here?

Sure, you could ship it instead of going to it.

Thank you. What do you think is a competitive market closest to Seattle? May be california?

Ca is generally a good option, although it can be tough to get a dealer to ship from there because of some of the registration hurdles

okay. When I see deals in east side, they are crazy and much lower than here. I am not sure if I should get one shipped from there. But the shipping cost would be 1300ish. Thats why I am looking a good market near seattle, so that atleast shipping cost is lowered.