Deal Check - 2020 Lexus NX 300 - $650 DAS $397+tax

Hi All,

Looking at a 2021 NX300. They are offering a 4 month pull-ahead on my existing NX and here is the deal they are offering on the new one:

I am still working on pushing them for $430 tax included. What do you think ?

Can you clarify… are they “waiving” 4 months in addition to your pull ahead? Do you have 8 payments left?

Just the pull ahead . I have 4 months left

I presume in Socal you can do better than 4% off. Otherwise maybe you’re better off waiting.

1 MSD will bring your MF down to almost nothing

I would expect significantly better than 4%

Thank you I just realized that there may be a mistake in the calculator. that MF is for the 2020, will check the MF for 2021 with them

talked to another dealer here is the calc for a 2020 NX. What do you guys think ?