Deal check: 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude


Hey guys, new to the forum, hoping you guys can provide some input on this offer I received. Shopping around for my gf who wants a Grand Cherokee Altitude. The discount seems very little and the manager got offended when I questioned it, saying this was a great deal he was giving me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s another I received. He’s quoting $399 with $4k down. I told them I only wanted to put down first payment/tax/fees. Insisting this is their bottom line. Any input would be helpful.

Get the MF and RV from Edmunds forums and then fill in the LH calculator as best you can.

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You want to roll the dice on six months out of warranty with this brand? I’ll pray for you.

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I don’t honestly but that’s what they all seem to be pushing. Last dealer I spoke with came back at 48mo.

450 with 4k down is ridiculous. Why get a Jeep? You can be in a much more luxurious SUV, safer, with more tech.

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You don’t have to get this car on those terms. You need to think carefully if this is really worth it to you.

A 48 months lease—on an FCA product, no less—would be insane and you would deserve every bad thing that’s likely to happen to you. There is no sleazier individual in the car biz than a service writer at a Jeep dealership. The F&I guys are even repulsed by them.

My gf loves Jeep for some reason. That’s what she wants.

I completely agree, we’re definitely not going 48mo. I’m just trying to figure out how to get them to move on pricing.

As you see above the one with msrp of 46,660 discounted like 2.5% or so. When I questioned why such little discount and asked if he could do any better he said he was giving a great deal was almost offended I didn’t agree lol.

So just move on

Why would you get this old platform car from a sleezy dealer for such a high payment? Most of these Jeep & Ram dealers sell to uninformed people who only want a Grand Cherokee (with black wheels), Ram 1500, Durango (With black wheels), Charger or Wrangler no matter the cost. I went to check out a gladiator once and over heard a very cringe transaction. They totally ripped the guy off. It was sad.

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That information doesn’t help me get a better deal but thank you.

Hi I hope I am not too late! I leased a Jeep Grand Cherokee altitude at a 48 month lease 15k/yr at $299/mo with $2000 down. I hope this helps!

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Yes, that’s awesome. Do you have more details? Msrp, location.

I’m located in Michigan! MSRP is 46,000

A 60k mile lease… doesn’t the warranty expire at 36k?