Deal check 2020 Infinity QX60 Luxe - NY

We are dealing with a family friend and are returning a 2017 QX60. Do not have all of the numbers because he has given us a good deal in the past. I know there are better deals than infinity but my wife likes. I will work on her for the next one.

2020 infinity Luxe with Essential package
MSRP $52,660

not sure of sell price
39 month
12k year miles
-$0 down just first month and DMV around $850 DAS
$540 /mo

Thank you so much for your help. My lease is up next week and need to pull the trigger on something…

Monthly seems a little high, but can’t tell without the other numbers. Check MF, RV, and incentives at Edmunds. You need to know the selling price and how they got there (dealer discount vs Infiniti contribution). Then plug those numbers, along with the info you posted into the LH Calc. I think you still get $2000 towards the lease by returning your old car, so make sure that’s included in the discount.

You’re going to have to get them if you want anyone here to help you

I will have to get the sale price. We did this over the phone…He did mention the $2,000. On edmunds there was just the $2000 and a $1000 loyalty.
thank you again

The ship has sailed on getting a good deal on these, expect a higher payment on the same car you have now (which is ancient).

The payment is $5 lower than my last lease. Same options…cost. Yes it is ancient. My wife likes the Infiniti and we couldn’t find a comparable Suv for the same payment.

i’m at 487 on this car with the same 800 due…

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oh and free delivery.

Seems a bit high, are you coming out early?

no my lease is up at the end of the month.