Deal Check - 2020 GLB FWD

MSRP: $41,355
Selling Price: $36,995 (10.5% off MSRP)
Residual: 61%
Money Factor: 0.00166
Rebates: -
Drive-off: $2,287 (First month + Registration/Fees)
Monthly Payment: ~$430 + tax (I don’t quite get how he is getting this monthly number based on the info he gave me)

Experts, what are your thoughts?
Edmunds gave me MF: 0.00138, but the dealer is not budging from 0.00166.

I sent you a PM to see if I can help you out.

For those who read the leasehackr forum: I would definitely recommend @Calvin.MB and Jeff at Foothill Ranch location for your future MB needs. Very professional and courteous. They know how to take care of their customers.

That’s a lot of money for a lightly optioned car.

I agree and I didn’t end up buying a car from there but the professionalism that Calvin has showed is what I am really pleased about. He tried really hard to get me what I wanted but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Which is why I would still recommend him to others.
I am still searching for the “right” car.