DEAL CHECK 2020 Discovery Sport


2020 Discovery Sport - New Vehicle

MSRP is just over 39K (truly base model)

for a 36/10K lease dealer came down to $395 with total $1,100 DAS includes all NYC taxes/fees/etc.


Can you provide the deal details rather than monthly?

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didnt get that far with the dealer. Was really zoning in on a tiguan, took a random shot a dealer who had a low MSRP on for a new LR disco sport. he initially quoted me $445, then dropped down for $395.

i don’t think these cars lease too well generally.

HersheySweet - Broker - Nationwide JLR, NorCal Volvo

Check with him

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Hey! I have a few Disco Sports left between 15-18%, they’re pushing orders right now. Shoot me a message!

I’ve been negotiating on a similar model for the past month, looks like a good start point but really depend with the whole detailed offer.
The national offer for Disco Sport comes pretty close at 400 w/4k down for the base model so I would and still try to work for a better deal.